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Basgerin Pirate

By ISD Caiden S'or

Las Vegas – Walking into any room where a significant number of capsuleers have gathered is always interesting. Typically, the room darkens slightly, no matter how brightly lit the area is as the color of attire is predominantly grey and black.

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The Fourth Seyllin Conference

By ISD Lunaire Elois

By ISD Caiden S’or and ISD Lunaire Elois Seyllin, Essence – On this fourth anniversary of the catastrophe which befell Seyllin I, ending countless lives on the planet and heralding the advent of seemingly random-appearing wormholes in known-space, the Seyllin Conference wrapped up its 4th annual event last weekend. Since the first conference was held, the goal has been to evaluate what has been learned and share this knowledge with the rest of New Eden.

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Tukoss Disavowed By Zainou Biotech

By Alton Haveri

ISSERAS – The Scope has confirmed in the last hour that prominent Caldari neuropsychological scientist Hilen Tukoss has been stripped of his Zainou Biotech corporate citizenship by parent corporation Ishukone. Famed for his high profile defection to Eifyr & Co in August YC113, Tukoss made further waves by announcing the formation of the Arek'Jaalan Project shortly after his arrival in the Minmatar Republic, with the goal of establishing a research committee that would study, document and archiv...

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