EVE Online Fiction

  • All These Lives Are Fit to Ruin

    By Hjalti Daníelsson

    For very many capsuleers the members of their ship crews are entirely beneath notice, unless they have reason to pay attention to some unfortunate individual. For when a capsuleer takes a keen interest in the actions of a crewman it seldom bodes well for that person.

  • Big Fish, Little Fish

    By Gauti Friðriksson

    Corporations are at the heart of capsuleer society to such an extent that even the morally diverse and flexible pod pilots are almost as one in their loathing for 'corp thieves', those who betray and steal from their own corporations. Even so, once discovered, a corp thief usually suffers little more than a loss of reputation, which may or may not matter to the corp thief, and occasionally the attentions of mercenaries hired to exact a vengeance in space. Woe betide the corp thief who actually falls into the hands of his erstwhile comrades.

  • Blood and Ash

    By Nick Bardsley

    The Kameiras are elite slave-soldiers of the Amarr Empire, drawn from the finest stocks of Minmatar slaves and subjected to an intensive, and often deadly, regimen of training. Scarred in mind and body by years of fighting for the Empire, a veteran Kameira recalls a past conflict while taking part in the ceremonial aftermath of a more recent battle.

  • Godflesh

    By Hjalti Daníelsson

    Capsuleers and the elites of the empires often indulge in high-intensity sports such as spaceship racing and combat tournaments. The risks for capsuleers are relatively slight, they always have a clone contract to fall back on should the worst happen. For others, cloning is not an option, as for the royalty of the Amarr Empire, who by religious doctrine may not be cloned due to the sacred nature of their flesh. Even so, among the royal scions of the Empire there are those willing to break the laws of their religion, no matter the cost.

  • Jita 4-4

    By Nick Blood

    Crossroads of New Eden. Hub of the capsuleer world. Marketplace of the demi-gods. Jita sees thousands of capsuleers pass through it every day, looking to buy, sell, make a deal or just find someone in a star system that almost every capsuleer visits from time to time. Among the many stations of Jita, the Caldari Navy Assembly Plant that orbits the fourth moon of the fourth planet is the central trading point of this great market hub. Most know it simply as 'Jita 4-4' and whatever it is you're looking for, there's a good chance you'll find it there.

  • Khadrea

    By Nathan Knaack

    The great edifice of Amarr Imperial law is a vast and labyrinthine thing, with many obscure and half-forgotten edicts and proclamations running through it. A fugitive wanted for murder benefits by a strange serendipity from one of the Empire's most unusual laws as his escape from justice unfolds.

  • The Plague Years

    By Hjalti Daníelsson

    New Eden contains many colonies nestling among and on the asteroids, moons and planets of the thousands of star systems in the cluster. Not all these colonies enjoy the protections found in the core empires and many threats exist in the depths of space. One of the most feared of these threats is Sansha's Nation and the news that its forces are moving through an area of space can bring panic in its wake. But the cybernetic terror is no mere insensate horde, its heralds and scouts are insidious and devious. When faced with someone he knows from a past plague, one colony leader adopts extreme measures.

  • Timeout

    Original by Hrafnkell (Keli) Smári Óskarsson

    With revisions by Nathan Knaack

    Many pilots are motivated to work with the forces of law and order, fighting pirates, terrorists, smugglers and outlaws of every kind. One such pilot, thinking to help in the fight against crime, gets more than she bargains for when encountering a mysterious group of smugglers at the edge of secure space.

  • Under the Sea, the City

    By Hjalti Daníelsson

    The planet Caldari Prime has been through two great upheavals in the past two centuries, symmetrical and shattering in their impact. The first was the Caldari's self-imposed exile from their home-world during the conflict that erupted when they seceded from the Gallente Federation. The second was the reconquest, a scant few years ago, of Caldari Prime by the unified forces of the Caldari State. The legacy of the past two centuries, and the cataclysmic events book-ending the tragedy of the Caldari-Gallente split, is played out in microcosm as two men encounter one another under the seas of the war-torn planet.