Scientific Articles

  • The Capsule and the Clone

    The first installation in a three-part series detailing the position occupied by pod pilots in the world of EVE -- how this unique breed came to be, where they stand today and where they're headed tomorrow.

  • Cloning

    The following piece is an offering memorandum for a Gallentean based clone company that is seeking additional funding for expanding their operation.

  • Neural Boosters

    This report was written by the Department of Behavioural studies , University of Caille on behalf of the Gallente Federation Senate.

  • Faster Than Light Communication

    How is it possible to communicate in real-time hundreds of light-years apart? Find out how Li Azbel, a young Gallentean scientist, solved the problem in the famous Azbel-Wuthrich experiment.

  • Interstellar Traveling

    A detailed description for all you techno-buffs on jumps - the amazing technology on how and why it is possible to traverse the vastness of space in a matter of minutes.