Short Stories

  • Saccade

    A desperate man is brought into an underground world of drugs and slavery.

  • Theodicy - An EVE Online Novella

    A revelation of sinister truths, heroes and demons in the dark days leading to the Battle of Vak'Atioth.

  • Ruthless - An EVE Online Novella

    Join young Otro Gariushi on the cold streets of the ice planet C8-CHY VII as fate catapults him into a life of crime and piracy.

  • The Spirit of Crielere

    Follow the rise and fall of the Crielere project, the greatest research project humankind has ever undertaken, through the eyes of a junior research assistant.

  • Forsaken Ruins

    In a fight for their lives, three bounty hunters stumble across the ruins of a dark, forgotten age.

  • The Artifice Maker

    The illustrated short story 'The Artifice Maker' tells the tale of an Amarrian migration worker caught up in the whirlstorm of a social uprising.

  • Catch of the Day

    Catch of the Day is a story about a blasé Gallentean trader by the name of Gaspar Anoun and the unscrupulous and vicious world of bigtime trading where monstrous amounts of money exchange hands.

  • The Ray of Matar

    The Ray of Matar takes place in the Minmatar tribal community and describes the most important ceremony in a Minmatars life, called "Voluval" or the "Test of Destiny".

  • The Jovian Wet Grave

    The Jovian Wet Grave takes place shortly after the Jovians and Caldari met roughly 120 years ago, and describes some of their earliest wheeling and dealing.