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commander aze

Three Goals.

1. Focus on the little things

2. Consider the Health of the game when pushing priorities

3. Increase Communication between CSM and CCP and the greater community.

Why these three things

Little things

Eve needs a new Crucible. We can all agree on the little things, changing at least temporarily from large changes to continually fixing smaller issues. We saw some seriously good improvements in the March release and we need to build off this focus to develop a more positive gaming experience.

Health of the Game

There are some long standing health issues that eve has, much like getting old in real life games eventually develop issues with old mechanics that have worn out in the test of time. We all know what these are but for those that want to see what I think, War (the Mechanic in high sec), Cloaky Camping, and balance. These are a few of these mechanics although there are many more that cut at the heart of eve and prevent healthy content. I cannot promise change but I can promise to advocate for iterations on these mechanics.


With the reduction on the Community Team CCP needs to take advantage of the CSM as ambassadors for the brand. Use them to develop focus groups for targeted change, and use them to communicate to the masses. There are a lot of ways the player base can see where the CSM effects the game and insuring the masses see what the CSM does is vital to its success.

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