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commander aze

Commander Aze for CSMXIIPirate

I’ve run for 3 years and I’ll run again. Here is the plan, LET’S MAKE EVE GREAT AGAIN!

What Im willing to lobby for as a CSM
1. NPE
2. Crimewatch/Wars revamp
3. Industry and moon management
4. Quality of Life / Little things

Why Commander Aze? I run a High sec / C2 Wormhole space hybrid alliance, that focuses on bringing in Alpha Characters and getting them involved in high end content. Specifically Cruisers in incursions, Wormhole combat, constantly pushing content in the form of Public Fleets like that of Spectre Fleet and Bombers Bar. I have a large focus on the New Player Experience NPE, and Industry as that is my alliances primary functions.

I am a huge proponent of public communities and finding new ways to support and spread their availability to the masses. I am a current Spectre Fleet FC and Team Captain for the Alliance Tournament Team. Additionally I am an active (though novice skill level) participant within DevFleet focusing mainly on industrial tools.

The lesser known parts about me, I am an industrialist. I build various larger ships and run a modest amount of towers. So in terms of someone that understands the market and industrial Quality of Life issues specific to moon management, PI, and general industry, trust me I’ll be happy to represent you as well as my PVP brothers.

About Commander Aze
IRL Job: Supervisory Emergency Management Specialist, Federal Incident Management CORE

In Game History
Alliance Executor for Lin Kuei (LINKK)
Spectre Fleet Fleet Commander,
Captain of the Spectre Fleet Alliance Tournament Team,
Highsec/C2 Wormhole Resident

Former Associations
Drifter Incursion FC for ‘What Drifters?’
Null Sec Industrial Corp CEO
Incursion LC
Former Catastrophic Uprising (CUP) FC / LC
Former ECIO FC/ LC
Former Battlement Coalition FC/ LC
Serenity Initiative FC/ LC

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