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commander aze

#1 - 2015-11-17 01:51:18 UTC |
Commander Aze for CSM11

So I appreciate those who voted for me in the CSM9 and CSM10 campaigns and would like to once again throw my hat in the ring. As Eve is an ever changing game I have moved from High sec into null sec and back to high sec. I am still passionate as ever about fixing high sec for those that are there.

If you want the no bull platform here it is. I am a public servant in real life and I feel that the CSM is the body the represents the player base. Its reputation for only being for the large power blocks dramatically degrades its ability to do its mission. There are some on the CSM that are great at this. And as we have seen there are many from these areas that cant even be trusted to show up. Here is my platform. as CSM that you can trust to show up, do the job and represent the player base tot he developers. Its time to revamp the dying age of space politics and focus on making the game great again.

So Who am I in EVE?
High sec industrial Corp Director
High sec war dec corp CEO
incursion runner (TDF)
Former CUP FC
Former ECIO Jr FC
Former Battlement Coalition FC
Serenity Initiative FC
Manager of a ton of POS

Notable Events in attendance
Slaughter of CT8K
Battle of Asakai
Spys taking down S2n citizens
laughed at tests defense of fountain
Battle of B-R
High sec Fleet LC for ghost site launch (those that joined the amarr fleet …. Sorry bros)
Hunt for Caldari officials Dread kills in high sec

So why do I want to try this again, because someone has to ask the questions that are not being discussed. High sec war decs, neutral logistics, Logi on killmails, support for multi alliance communities like TDF or incursion shiny, Alliance level bookmarks. For the EFT warriors out there more than 200 fits.

Reaffirming the place and purpose of the CSM. It’s important to note that there was a 33% drop in voting from the previous year statistically more people play eve than the year before and that number keeps growing according to the csm 9 voting data. However less and less are voting for the one of the most important groups to represent the players. Getting the CSM to have diversity and some new blood is a great way to go to get some new opinions and maybe ask some questions that haven’t been brought up before

Refocusing on the new player experience and getting players funneled out of newbie corps and into player run corps. Making things easier to understand is key here. I remember as a new bro I had no idea where the overview was for a solid 20 minutes the first time I undocked.

Supporting occupancy based sov and the ability to change the sov you are using. I think some of the ideas being discussed have some merit in what null secs future is. And in breaking up the massive blocks of somewhat unused space for smaller groups to create content.

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