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Mike Azariah

Contacts? @Mikeazariah on twitter
Usually the same on discord when invited

I run Operation Magic School Bus in game helping new players get started. I make lesson vids to save a lot of typing because some things in eve are better shown than explained.

I have been playing Eve steadily for over 11 years and in that time have tried a bit of this and a bit of that, been on the losing side of a great war, lived in wh space for 6 months. Operated an industrial POS for about a year. I have worked with the Incursion communities and enjoy abyssal space and exploration these days when not doing Bus runs.

But for me? Eve is about the people. So I got into the political side of it. I LIKE talking to players and hearing their side of things. I enjoy the work involved in talking to CCP (and do not kid yourself, summits are work) I will not always agree with you but I will listen. I would like to see EVE get better, stay vibrant. All of it.

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