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Kenneth Feld

United States

Industry is my wheelhouse. In all I’ve built over 1,000 supercaps & titans. I was in the top 1% for all manufactured items in the game. I’ve witnessed POSes, Outposts, Citadels and ECs. I was invited to participate in the official CCP Focus Group for Citadels. I’ve done every type of logistical work you can imagine in the game, and I’m well aware of the pain points that exist.

As far as what to expect from me - in a word? Honesty. I have played this game fairly exclusively for a decade and I love CCP, but I’m not going to shy away from telling them the truth. I know how to effectively communicate in a corporate environment and how to conduct myself professionally. The CSM is an institution that deserves respect, and I'm prepared to treat it as such.

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