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I have worked hard within CSM 11 to bring forwards transparency and communication with both CCP and the general playerbase, having done fortnightly updates on the CSM, Quarterly Reviews which give an opportunity for people to gain an insight on the less publically active members of the CSM, and pride myself on being available on as many platforms as possible. I've also been a key driver of getting feedback from the general playerbase, leading townhalls and roundtables on various topics that weren't as well represented in the CSM, such as Ganking, Wardeccing & Hisec PvE. In addition I worked closely with Team Genesis to gather feedback regarding the recent NPE rework. I also have a great deal of experience in PvP - my true love in EVE - and have done everything from bloc level FCing to solo PvP, giving myself a strong basis in theorycrafting and practical application of balance which I can bring to CCP as a member of the CSM. Thank you for your time, and hopefully your vote!

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