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United States

We need a candidate that can objectively seek out information and articulate honest player sentiment to assist CCP.
A dedicated subject matter expert is useful in delivering feedback regarding mechanics. However, there is equal value in having a candidate that can work outside of his comfort zone and tackle subjects that are unfamiliar. I am that candidate.
I'm looking forward to giving information back to the player base. It's very difficult to get excited about something you're not aware of. I plan to change this by incorporating CSM / CCP related information to my regular writing routine. I am that writing contributor, I am that candidate.
We need a candidate that can draw upon his varied experience through different types of space, not just one. We need someone that can relate to the greater player base, not just the dedicated few. I am that candidate.
I look forward to assisting CCP to provide us a better game than we currently know it now. With your help, I can be that candidate.

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