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Having spent two years on the Council I feel like I have hit my stride and can continue to provide a lot of value. Im sure everyone has heard it said that your first few months on the CSM are spent trying to figure out which way is up and depending on your makeup as a person this is probably true for a lot of people. Practice makes perfect and with two years of experience I know my way around both the CSM and CCP to the extent that I think when something comes up to me I know what to do with it. Fresh new faces on the CSM are incredibly important and make for a good and diverse Council. Likewise retaining some institutional memory and experience serve to cut through a lot of the uncertainty with the group and help chart a course quickly as a new term begins. The last year for Eve Online has been incredibly positive in seeing changes made to old vestigial systems that were sorely in need of attention but there remains a lot of work to do.

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