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By CCP Loktofeit

EVE Online Game and Expansion Review - "Almost every player is an annalist of some sort, contributing anecdotes on forums, reporting from battle lines, issuing propaganda, or mapping political boundaries. It all contributes to one of the most exhaustive and fascinating repositories of lore to be found in gaming, one that's created by developer and player alike."

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

By CCP Loktofeit

EVE's Rubicon Has Been Crossed - "There are new ships for the explorers and industrialists, as well as hi-sec customs offices, promising more money and thrills."

PC Gamer

By CCP Loktofeit

Eve Rubicon interview: On star gates, space colonisation and Eve Valkyrie - "[Rubicon] continues this idea here of giving the players more and more control over the Eve universe. Our designers aren't the gods of the Eve universe, they're the janitors. We build tools, we clean up messes, we keep the lights on and we allow the players to go be the stars and figure out how they want to do things." - CCP Games' CMO, David Reid