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Reviews on the Run

By CCP Loktofeit

EVE Online and DUST 514 Updates (video) - Executive Producer Biz Dev VP Jon Lander and Thor Gunnarsson talk about the upcoming expansions, Odyssey for EVE Online and Uprising for DUST 514.

Digital Trends

By CCP Loktofeit

As EVE Online Heads Toward Decade Two, CCP Talks About the Future - "So far decade two is looking bright for the 10 year old franchise. Part of that comes from the growing scale of the game(s), but equally important is how CCP’s leadership understands the fundamentals of what brings people to EVE."


By CCP Loktofeit

EVE Online and DUST 514: The Second Decade - "It’s too easy to forget just how audacious CCP is as a company and just how successful it has been in pushing the envelope."