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By Svarthol

Virtual reality - Avatar inspires gamer to hit the gym. [Marcus] Dickinson now eats 3,000 calories a day -- mostly lean protein and vegetables -- to sustain his body-building lifestyle. "Five years ago if I was eating 3,000 calories a day, it was because I had bags of Doritos in front of me," he says with a laugh.


By Svarthol

EVE Online Player Loses Ship and Cargo Valued over $6,400 USD in the largest loss of any EVE Online player to date


By Svarthol

Write fiction for EVE Online, win fabulous prizes - An officially endorsed writing contest has just been announced, judged by representatives of CCP Games. And the prizes are nothing to sneeze at, including a new graphics card, a year's worth of PLEX, and over 20 billion ISK.

Greenman Gaming

By Svarthol

CCP announces team-based tournament for EVE Online with a $10,000 prize pool. First ever cash prize for an EVE event.


By Svarthol

Senior game designer Matt Woodward shares CCP Online's three design pillars for sandbox MMOs "Social is not just about friends. Social is everything to do with other people, every time it matters that a character is a person, not an NPC. We want to hit this as much as possible, we want our game to be about this."

By CCP Alice

DUST 514 and EVE Online's worlds to be connected slowly - CMO David Reid on groundbreaking interconnection of two game economies, "We have to make sure we tune those dials carefully before the currency starts swimming between both games."