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By CCP Alice

As Eve Online surpasses 500K subscribers, CCP prepares the MMO for its second decade.


By CCP Alice

EVE Online Reaches 500K Subscribers, Promises Epic Battle at PAX East.

By CCP Alice

Eve Online: 500k subscribers and what CCP learnt along the way.


By CCP Alice

EVE Online's "ten consecutive years of subscriber growth" hits 500k milestone.

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By CCP Alice

Eve Online tops 500k subscribers - Sci-fi MMO reaches new user milestone ten years after launch "In the coming years we foresee the gameplay connections between PC and PS3 becoming ever-increasing. For us this is a very long-term vision."


By CCP Loktofeit

Icelanders question their lauded economic recovery. "Iceland's biggest IT company CCP is what the island needs to leave its economic crisis behind."


By CCP Alice

Why EVE Online Isn’t The Spreadsheet Simulator You Might Think It Is - "...all it takes is one bad click of the mouse to trigger one of the biggest online battles in gaming’s history."


By CCP Alice

EVE Online steels players for summer changes.


By CCP Alice

"Cult classic EVE Online" still going strong and having a Fanfest in April.