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By Svarthol

EVE Online to get string of updates before Inferno launch - "expect to see improvements implemented throughout February, March and April"

The MMOnitor

By Svarthol

CCP's CEO and CMO talk about Eve Online, Dust 514, MMORPG saturation, CCP as a cloud-gaming platform, World of Darkness, and EVE's future potential as a gestalt societal consciousness.

EVE Evolved

By Svarthol

Setting the Universe on Fire - The Inferno expansion aims to re-invigorate PvP with some long overdue gameplay changes.

VG 24/7

By Svarthol

CCP - DUST 514 will be more intuitive than EVE Online.


By Svarthol

EVE Online and DUST 514 developer CCP announces restructuring but assures there’s still a full development team working on vampire MMO World of Darkness.