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PC World

By Svarthol

CCP was proudly featured at the Sony press conference for their upcoming DUST 514, a PlayStation-exclusive massively multiplayer first-person shooter that will interact with EVE Online players.

Playstation Universe

By Svarthol

Upcoming PlayStation 3 shooter DUST 514 aims to blend the line between massively multiplayer online games and first-person shooters.


By Svarthol

E3 2011 - DUST 514 SONY Press Conference Impressions Review

Wall Street Journal

By Svarthol

CCP Games announced a new cross-platform game at E3 entitled “Dust 514” allowing Sony PlayStation 3 and PS Vita handheld gamers to play in the EVE Online universe

Shack News

By Svarthol

Introducing Vanity Items - EVE Online players will soon be able to step out of their spaceships and onto stations with the 'Incarna' update. In the wake of that, developer CCP Games has announced plans to sell cosmetic vanity items for real money in the pew-pew spaceships MMO.

Inside Mac Games

By Svarthol

a look at CCP's plans to add a virtual store to EVE Online, offering vanity items for fans interested in customizing the look of their avatars and spacecraft.