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Sullen Decimus

My fellow space friends, I am officially running for reelection for CSM 12.

It has been an adventure this year and I see no reason to stop now. For those that don’t know who I am I fly proudly under the banner of The Bastion in nullsec. However I am also well rounded flying regularly in wormhole space where I am a director in a low class wormhole corporation. That being said I am by no means tied to these forms of gameplay as you will read below.

My rookie year on the CSM my only justification for your votes was my professionalism and dedication to make this game the best possible. My dedication has not changed, but my experience has. Below I have listed some changes which I had direct involvement:

Mining Command Ship Rebalance – This was particularly special for me. I felt with boosting changes coming it was a necessity that these ships get an overhaul. Obviously CCP did not go with all of my recommendations but a large portion made it to the final ship versions along with additions I didn’t think of. This coupled with a roundtable gave invaluable feedback for CCP.

Citadel Data Removal on Singularity – While not quite as big an issue in k-space (although still abused) this problem was a huge in w-space. Thankfully it has been corrected now.

Engineering Complex Revision – During the final month, I passed on numerous recommendations to the developers which they utilized directly in their final designs and referenced in forum articles.

Production Tax Equation Visualization – Already released on singularity and coming on tranquility, the production tax equation was a “blackbox” of mechanics. CCP thankfully agreed and now EVERY step is represented allowing producers to know what is going on.

The entire year of CSM 11 has been a team effort, but these are the elements I'm personally most proud of. This has been an effective, cohesive CSM and I would proudly give my vote to any returning candidates.

Thank you for your support.

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