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Prospektor Schipplock

Eve is a game where every player can make an impact. I have been playing since 2008, so I can look back on 12 years of gaming experience.

Since I am also working as an application developer and had more or less success with my video projects, I would like to influence CCP, although I have done so indirectly in the past.

Since 2008 CCP received inspiring letters again and again (some with more than 20-30 pages) - with which I had more or less impacted the Eve Community.

It may be that my group membership in the TopGameMedia Crew, a group of selected individuals, who together make machinimas of games that, in our opinion, should be promoted, has contributed to the fact that I would like to develop more in the area of propaganda. But, in general, I would like to say that my belonging to the Goons does not necessarily mean " Oh my God, another Goon" to you. This development could have been turned around many, many years ago, in principle it was my decision at that time to turn my back on the game or to start over again. Luckily, it was an easy choice, but as EVE is, quick success doesn't last, and entities in the game don't begrudge you success, which is why a few years ago, the Goonswarm ways split, and we did our own thing. Located in the EU Timezone in the German speaking countries, I would like to give you the opportunity to choose someone with motivation, who represents the interests of the Industrial Group, as well as the Miner (because we know how the opinion towards Miner is ingame on the part of the PVP people).

And I also represent the rights of the NPCs who are slaughtered en masse without consequences. This martyrdom must stop. Of course I do not strive for galaxy-wide peace, because that will not exist, based on the fact alone that humans - no matter if Amarr, Caldari, Gallente or Minmatar - are simply a warlike race. Yet there are greater enemies out there, and what about our origins? Don't we want to reconnect with our ancestors and go in search of our home ?

What happened to the people who were interested in research, knowledge and prosperity ? Have we all become murdering figures looking at statistics, without a soul of our own ? Where are the people who stand up and say, this is our game, and CCP we want a game that should not necessarily be easy and understandable for everyone, because exactly for this reason we decided to play the game. We love it hard, we love it challenging. Isn't that what it means to us to not give up? To continue where others don't even take the hammer in their hands ? Think of me as your tool and we will shape EVE the way we want it to be. Where everyone can have their own corner, where everyone is welcome, even if it's sometimes enhanced by pressing the F key, and where we can compete in a game that's second to none. To make you understand with what love I go into this game, here are some selected trailers of my work. (even if some are not yet completed)

[CDIA-Style like Recruitment Video](
[Triglivian inspired Video ](
[My thoughts to RMT and selling Chars...](
[Are you SPECIAL ?](

I would really like to bring EVE, in all its facets, closer to the audience. Whether it be ingame live reports on current events, like the live action cams as we know it from the Americans when one flees in his car from the police... I also have my in-game story, with all its sunny and shady sides, but I'm willing to take this game to where it belongs. Support me by choosing me as your underdog. Thank you very much for reading.....

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