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The Oz

I am a veteran Eve market trader, spreadsheet nerd, and new player friendly Eve content creator.

I promise that I will listen to all sides of an issue before forming and arguing for an opinion. And I will do so without being influenced by big alliances because I am not part of them. My missions to make this amazing game more accessible to new players and thereby ensuring its future.

Expect me to be a relentless champion for change. The Eve economy and ecosystem are not in a good place. For too long, resources have been freely distributed, killing off most natural reason for conflict. I believe that this type of change is more likely to come from an independent candidate than from the large alliance leaders.

My extensive experience in running a business will result in me not wasting your and my time chasing unrealistic measures or campaigns. I will focus on action items that make sense for CCP as a business AND for us as a player base. Find out more in my campaign video on Youtube.

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