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The war between Fraternity and Legacy is where I learned most of my combat skills. I was the skymarshal for Legacy during the time and was a apprentice under Vily. Vily taught me many things on a combat level as well at a overall leadership level. From there I left Legacy to start my own corporation which has now turned into an alliance that focuses on combat, hunting, and superiority by player skill. I understand the struggles that occur in creating a new alliance. I think conflict drivers especially in Lowsec are something that needs to be re-evaluated. I want to add complexity back into fleet fights and work on changing our fleet combat meta. I believe in attackers and defenders winning through smart tactics and execution. I want to bring back a incentive for someone to attack in order to gain something, and I a big proponent of this changed when all moons became active. At a fleet level EVE is to hard to find enjoyable content and I want to work towards changing that.

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