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I am Phantomite from Same Great Taste, a Lowsec Solo, Small gang, Big fleet and Capital PvP veteran.

I stand for adding complexity back into areas it has been removed, and rewarding attackers and defenders for careful planning and smart execution.

The players need a fresh advocate who brings a deep knowledge of ship fittings, fleet command tactics and wider strategy to CCP through the CSM.

Choosing me for CSM will give valuable, independent non-bloc experience in these areas where there is historically a balance tipped towards the issues favoured by very large groups.

Stagnation from years of very few or very small changes have left the game stale and static. Players are promised epic wars on a giant scale in trailers but arrive in a universe where there is no incentive to venture beyond your home, as there are no rewards.

There’s no incentive to attack to gain something valuable, and nothing of value to lose to prompt a violent defense.

Vote for my fresh perspective.

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