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I've been playing the game with almost no breaks since 2007, I've tried most of everything in eve so don't be put off by my PvP focus. I mostly play solo or in a small group, although I'm part of a large community of players. I'm most well known for making solo PvP guides (Mostly aimed at low SP, low ISK setups and new players on youtube) as well as streaming in cost effective setups. I know the challenges faced by Solo or New players, and I have a huge interest in the NPE and Alpha Clones.

I recently joined FW and am having a ton of fun here while doing my other usual PVP stuff. Really interested in hearing your feedback for FW little things that could be changed.

I have a proven track record of making change happen and presenting data and arguments in an effective way to CCP. My Blog, Focus Group involvement and articles on Crossing Zebra have already resulted in change to links, T3D, a Frigate pass and more. I can take your concerns and whip them up into a way that’ll get them considered by CCP.

My feedback from CSM 12 was primarily used to get small fixes and ship balance changes prioritized and suggested for CCP. If you liked the March patch, AF changes and the Lifeblood expansion then those were changes that I had a big impact in.

I hope you’ll consider me when voting so I can become more effective at communicating with CCP and making eve online an even better experience for all of us!

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