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Toxic Yaken


Hi! I’m Toxic Yaken.

I’ve been playing EVE Online for about four years now, almost exclusively in Highsec, and I want to represent you, the Highsec player. While I come from a background of nefarious activities, I also recognize that there is a lot of ways to make Highsec more interactive and fun, and that there are players who like to play the game at their own pace and style. If elected, my hope would be to create greater dialogue amongst Highsec players for ways to push EVE Online forward, be that through roundtables, focus groups, or open discords.

My main interests for discussion include:
- Wardecs
- Ganking
- New Player Experience
- Missions
- Corporations and Social groups

If you want contact me with feedback or suggestions, I can be reached at:
Toxic Yaken (IGN)
@Toxic_Yaken (Twitter)

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