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Toxic Yaken

I’m Toxic Yaken, and I’m running for CSM XII as a Highsec candidate.

I have been playing EVE for about three years now, mostly as a Highsec pirate, ganker, and wardeccer. I’m currently flying with friends in Legio de Mortem in Nullsec as well as learning how to FC for Fly Fearless in Highsec.

Since running for CSM last year I realized that I wanted to be a community focused CSM member and decided to get myself into more projects, including the Wardec Project, as well as hosting a Wardec roundtable for informing the CSM of issues and ideas for wars. I’ve also been trying to keep up with small time interviews with Highsec players to gain a better perspective of what other Highsec players like and dislike.

For those interested on my focus, my interests include making improvements to wardecs, the new player experience, PVE, and ganking. That said I’m still happy to hear all suggestions and complaints regarding Highsec. My campaign thread includes more detailed thoughts that can be found below.

This year more than ever, we need Highsec representation on the CSM. That is why I am encouraging anyone who wants to see at least one Highsec council member to vote for myself, Commander Aze, and Roedyn as their top three picks. Even if your favoured of these three picks is not elected the other will stand a better chance within the voting system to get that seat. It’s time to vote strategically and vote for Highsec.

Campaign thread:

Contact Information:
Twitter - @Toxic_Yaken
Reddit - ToxicYaken-
Tweetfleet Slack - Toxic Yaken
Ingame - Toxic Yaken

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