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Kalen Tsero

United States

A lowsec candidate. Primarily to help represent faction warfare space. Now while I've never done it myself. I am in good communication with a few people who have, one who has done it for a long time. They'll make sure I get all relevant feedback to pass on to CCP. You may be asking "Why care about FacWar if you're not part of it?" Well, the short of it is that even though I don't do it. It still has a large effect on my own gameplay. If it wasn't for the faction warfare in my area, it would be much harder to hunt targets. A healthy FacWar is a healthy lowsec. I have many connections inside of Faction Warfare and I will keep in touch with them as well as holding townhalls to keep in touch with the greater faction warfare community to ensure everyone's gameplay is best preserved.

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