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Vincent Eneticum


Some more, young & fresh 3rd party dev blood on the CSM to improve alliances.

Previous Experience:

Alliance Diplomat of Gatekeepers Universe (hibernated)
Co-Founder of the Pebble.Pact (together with Raiden MarkIV & Z Air) (replaced)
IT & Diplomacy for Alternate Allegiance and initially for Drone Walkers
contributing feature requests & endpoint specs to the new ESI API
Creator of ISKstarter

Who I am:

I am a 21 years old software developer from Düsseldorf, Germany.
For about 4 years I’ve been playing EVE now, smaller subscription breaks in between, although always keeping an eye on what was going on ingame, feature & politics wise.

I started my EVE life in high-sec, mining, when a friend recruited me into the game. After about 3 months I stopped playing only to come back about a year later to sit in Jita and make the dank ISK with station trading. When said friend moved to null-sec I followed for the sole purpose of putting up a moon mining & reaction farm. Running moon reactions yielded me nearly all of my income in EVE, next to the trading I did when I was in Jita.

Fast forwarding to when I took over most diplomatic functions of the alliance we were in back then, organized defense fleets between local alliances in the drone lands when Phoebe came out and our neighbourhood suddenly had Phoebe Freeport Republic, The ROC. and other entities flying around in these regions. This time yielded me some great friendships, even with people I fought against at that time. In the following years I also made some “enemies” out there in the Dronelands, mostly fellow german speaking pilots.

For those of you who judge people by their killboards, enjoy mine, it’s mostly empty. No, this is not some forum alt, I actually only have one account I play with, recently another one was added purely to have more corporation/alliance holding capacity.
I don’t like to PVP a lot, sometimes I fly out with friends but usually I prefer not to. I like to observe or help people that fight my fights, bravely, sitting in their ships, while I watch the killboard.

What I currently do:

Most of the time I help friends to work together, supply people with stuff they need or simply help them solve their IT issues. I wrote my own “Alliance Auth as a Service”, currently write some zKillboard/EVE-Gate/evewho style website based on the new ESI API and obviously ISKstarter which will hopefully use ESI soon aswell.

My Agenda:

My main focus here is obviously 3rd party development. While Steve Ronuken has done a great job in the past and continues to do so I think there is always room to expand 3rd party development, especially into directions he does not partake in. This means, I don’t want to replace him on the CSM but work there together with him. He is mostly industry and high-sec focussed while I am more concerned about the issues null-sec alliances are facing including management and organization, intel gathering and counter-intelligence.

Contact me:

Tweetfleet Slack and Reddit: Robbilie
Skype: robert-schuh
Jabber: (if your alliance jabber supports federation you can write with me via your alliance jabber)

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