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Erika Mizune

United States

My name is Erika Mizune (or DJ Yumene if you listen to Eve Radio) and I am asking for your support in electing me into the 12th CSM. This is my 3rd year running and I am still as determined as ever to want to be a voice and representative for the community.

I am a industry focused candidate who lives within sov nullsec and with all the changes and features that have came out and will be coming, strong industrialist voices are much needed.

While I am industry focused, I have also been around the block, having experience also in PvP, exploration, PvE, and I am also a logistics officer, having experience with alliance level logistics. In addition, I am also looking to be a voice for those with disabilities as an advocate for accessibility.

I look forward to representing you, the Eve community!

Thank you,


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