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My in-game name is Bobmon. I am a member of CSM 11 and you might know me as the ex CEO of

I started playing EVE Online in 2010 following an introduction by a couple of my friends who had their own Dutch corporation. This corporation was part of an alliance that had an active war going on at the time I joined. I was a brand new player and back then you couldn't really get involved with PVP so I decided to make a new alt, fly over to the location of our enemy, and see what they were up to. After a bit of chatting, I got to know them and they asked me to join. I then began relaying intel to my friends, and so I'm very proud to say that my first task in EVE Online was to be a spy!

From those humble beginnings, I have progressed in my EvE career and experienced many aspects of gameplay including:

- 0.0 Nullsec Warfare: I have been a part of multiple 0.0 alliances with whom I fought many battles!
- FC: Started in 2011 and from that point on led everything from small subcap fleets to capital fleets.
- Alliance Leadership position: Second in command & Head Diplomat of Unclaimed.
- Mentor for new players: I’m currently a mentor for members in Pandemic Horde
- Evenews24 ex Chief Editor and CEO
- Part of the Evesterdam Organisation team
- Player Presenter: Was one of the presenters for EVE TV at Fanfest 2015.
- Fanfest Presenter: gave a presentation about EVE Media
- Member of the #Rekkingcrew
- Member of CSM 11

All of these aspects have taught me a lot about the game and the players who play it and I think that they will help me a lot as a potential CSM member.

I think the most important job of a CSM member is to be a bridge between CCP and players. Players are the ones playing, and can help CCP discover problems with EVE Online that need to be solved. EVE Online is in a state where a lot of new features are being released and so it's exciting to see what the future holds for us, the players.

- Communication between player and dev
- Nullsec / lowsec
- Alliance Warfare and how changes affect this
- Don't forget about the independent players when it comes to changes
- Space Usages / Coverage
- Ships and their use
- Make sure changes are necessary and not the ''let's add a shiny ship'' tactic
- Make sure the devs understand players’ problems
- How changes affect small alliances
- Fleet fights (Think about 50 high sp chars vs. 250 newbies)
- Increased support for Events
- I would love to see an increase in support for our players who are blind, deaf etc.

These are not points I will purely focus on, I will deal with whatever is necessary. However, I do think that the above points are very important for the future of EVE Online.

Do you have any points that you find important? Please contact me! (details will be at the bottom)

Why do I want to join the CSM?
Over my years of being active in the EVE Online community, I've come to the conclusion many times that I'm deeply in love with our community. This is a key reason to why I've always kept playing EVE Online and it has often put me in a position where I had to explain to my RL friends why I'm so passionate about the game!

While being active, I've also been in a ton of game related discussions and through my work at EN24, I've been in contact with a lot of different types of players, from the best FCs to the pilot who can barely fly his Retriever in highsec. I’ve spoken with those players a lot, and I’ve learned about their ideas or concerns.

This is my ultimate drive to be a CSM member! I feel that sometimes changes are made to affect bigger groups of players to the detriment of the lone members. I would like to represent those individual players and make the game more beautiful for them and everybody!

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