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My name is Bobmon, member of Habitual Euthanasia, Pandemic Legion and I’m the active CEO of I started playing EVE Online in 2010 following an introduction by a couple of my friends who had their own Dutch corporation. Since the start I’ve been in alliances such as: Convicted, Black-Mark, Red.Overlord, Unclaimed, Northern Coalition and Pandemic Legion.

I’ve been involved with different kinds of operations within EVE Online so people might know me from:
- 0.0 Nullsec Warfare: I have been a part of multiple 0.0 alliances with whom I fought many battles!
- FC: Started in 2011 and from that point on led everything from small subcap fleets to capital fleets.
- Alliance Leadership position: Second in command & Head Diplomat of Unclaimed.
- Mentor for new players: I’m currently a mentor for several pilots in Pandemic Horde
- Evenews24 Chief Editor and CEO
- Part of the Evesterdam Organization team
- Player Presenter: Was one of the presenters for EVE TV at Fanfest 2015.
- Fanfest Presenter: gave a presentation about EVE Media
- Member of the #Rekkingcrew, PL

My main focus has always been the EVE Online community. My In game role and my work for EN24 has always allowed me to work closely with many different player demographics and keeps me in constant contact with a large number of content creators from many backgrounds. My home in PL allows me to work closely with individuals on a day-to-day basis, who have a lot of knowledge in the nullsec and capital related warfare. This will allow me to spot issues more rapidly and inform CCP devs in order to get them resolved.

Being a community orientated candidate means that I will try to focus on topics that the community thinks are important. From personal experience I know that issues found by the community are need to be resolved quickly and I will do my best to fill this role if I get the chance to be a CSM member.

An example of one problem is the current function of the CSM. A large part of the community thinks that the CSM is useless and this is largely to do with it being very hard to see what the CSM actually does in terms of work. I think finding ways to make the CSM more ‘’transparent’’ will be very important for the future as it will possibly restore some trust in the CSM by the community.

I also want to represent the individual player. Changes are often made to affect the bigger picture and I sometimes feel that the impact on the individual player can be forgotten. I think that this is a shame because a group of individual players make a corporation and a corporation makes an alliance.

I think the most important job of a CSM member is to be a bridge between CCP and players. Players are the ones playing, and can help CCP discover problems within EVE Online that need to be solved. EVE Online is in a state where a lot of new features are being released and so it's exciting to see what the future holds for us, the players.

My focus points

- Communication between player and dev
- Nullsec / lowsec
- Alliance Warfare and how changes affect this
- Don't forget about the independent players when it comes to changes
- Space Usages / Coverage
- Ships and their use
- Make sure changes are necessary and not the ''let's add a shiny ship'' tactic
- Make sure the devs understand players’ problems
- How changes affect small alliances
- Fleet fights (Think about 50 high sp chars vs. 250 newbies)
- Increased support for Events
- I would love to see an increase in support for our players who are blind, deaf etc.

These are not points I will purely focus on, I will deal with whatever is necessary. However, I do think that the above points are very important for the future of EVE Online.

Why do I want to join the CSM?
What makes me unique from other candidates is that I, over my years of being active in the EVE Online community, have come to the conclusion many times that I'm deeply in love with our community. This is a key reason to why I've always kept playing EVE Online and it has often put me in a position where I had to explain to my RL friends why I'm so passionate about the game!

While being active, I've also been in a ton of game related discussions and through my work at EN24, I've been in contact with a lot of different types of players, from the best FCs to the pilot who can barely fly his Retriever in highsec. I’ve spoken with those players a lot, and I’ve learned about their ideas or concerns. This helps me understand the problems that are out there and make it easier to discuss these problems to find possible solutions.

I would also refer to RoCkEt X, leader of the Rekkingcrew, his support statement to answer this question:
‘’ Bobmon will have my support,

Bob is a 'people person' and has easily what it takes to communicate player's feedback and ideas to the developer team. He's young and enthusiastic, but what he lacks in experience he makes up for in his energy, and his capacity to take guidance from others (I've experienced this first hand whilst he's been flying with me as part of #REKKINGCREW). He definitely has a buzz for the game and its community. I feel he would be a valuable addition to CSM XI.’’

Also I’m used to entering discussions while being under NDA (or something compared to an NDA). An EVE related example of this would be the discussions I have with PL as a topic. I’m obviously not allowed to leak any internal information about PL and its operation however through experience I’ve learned to find ways to still discuss the topic, without leaking information.

Ways to get to know me better?
1) Feel free to ask me questions in this forum thread
2) Check out my Twitter =
3) Check out my past Articles =
4) Check out Bob's Corner where I talk about stuff that interests me =
5) feel free to mail me at: if you want to talk
6) Watch my Fanfest presentation =
7) Watch me on the Meta Show =

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