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Scylus Black

I am Scylus Black, former CEO of CCDM and former alliance Executor of Templis CALSF. I represent Low-Sec with a core focus on small to medium scale PvP and Faction Warfare. I have continually served the Caldari State for 4.5 years and have been an active participant in Low-Sec life. I submit my candidacy to the CSM as an effort to bring representation to this part of Eve.

Outlined below are some of the major points I will be bringing to the table:

Reaching healthy PvP balance at the solo, small, and medium scale especially with relevance to Low-Sec pilots.

Citadel balance, especially within Faction Warfare space.

Various FW related issues including but not limited to:

Current warzone control method and system flipping mechanics are long due for a second look.

Tendency for FW members to turn pirate (negative security status) due to current Plex mechanics.

I believe the points above and partnering with the others leaders in CSMXII are mutually inclusive. Faction Warfare is often a gateway to other areas in our beloved game. As that improves. So does the skillset of those going elsewhere. PVP attracted me years ago for the engagements. Faction Warfare attracted me for the flexibility to login and PVP. I merely needed to undock. Working with a cohesive team with a Faction Warfare goal only improved that enjoyment.

Aside from the introduction of Citidels there has not been a major revamping or evolution that affected Faction Warfare in over 3 years. I hope I can create awareness around the importance of this game mechanic and how it adds value to those who are PVP driven. Even as a stepping stone. We attract many groups, pirates included, into Low-Sec to compete with us in PVP. You can see the content in our numerous videos. We want to improve on that and the Faction Warfare portion while evolving the new mechanics.

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