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Killah Bee


I think the current CSM lacks people that lead the big wars which make 0.0 the amazing place it can be. "Timezone warfare", nullified insta warping inties and such are issues that I rarely see adressed even though they are a big part of the problem 0.0 is in at the moment. I am dealing with things like these on day to day basis.

What do I wanna look at ?

- "timezone warfare" and content generation in 0.0
- gameplay surrounding aegis sov ( "fozzie claws" )
- subcapital balance ( faction battleships etc. )
- capital balance ( leviathan etc. )
- the new structures
- lag & desync especially with caps involved

What can I offer CCP and the community ?

- Have been playing the game for ~9 years
- a huge network of other FC's to not only represent PL but the bigger part of 0.0
- a good understanding of the current meta in PVP and sov warfare on subcap and capital scale
- dealing with the issues of the game on a day to day basis

Thanks for considering to vote for me.

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