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Brisc Rubal

United States

My name is Brisc Rubal. I currently serve on the CSM and I am running for re-election to CSM 16.

If elected, I promise to deliver what I have delivered both terms while serving on the CSM - I will work hard, every day, on behalf of all of the players of EVE Online. Whether you’re Alpha or Omega, come from Highsec or Nullsec, play in Wormholes or Faction Warfare, I will be there to listen and advocate for you and for what is in the best interests of the entire game. I will never put what is in my own personal benefit ahead of the game, nor will I put what’s in the interests of my coalition, alliance or corporation ahead of what’s good for the game.

Visit my website at to see my platform and the items on my list of player requested changes I will continue to advocate for.

Working together, I am confident we help make EVE Online continue to be a game that we all want to keep logging in to play

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