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Revenant Down in Aunenen

By ISD Khiara Delvort

At roughly 12:35 on 12th of November, YC119, a Revenant super carrier was spotted warping to a safe spot from the Aunenen free port citadel. Soon after, the Revenant was scanned down and destroyed. The Revenant is a rare vessel as it is a supercarrier never designed or built by any of the four major factions in New Eden.

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When Preparation Pays Off : 150+ Billion ISK Destroyed in CHP-76

By ISD Deloro

In an impressive show of coordination and determination, an allied force of L A Z E R H A W K S [HAWKS] and Hole Control [HOLE] under the leadership of Hard Knocks Citizens [HKRAB] destroyed ships from inPanic [-INP-] valued at about 156 billion ISK while suffering only minimal losses of about 200 million ISK value.

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