PHOEBE: Get your Fleet Commanders to the war room and your industrialists back in the labs, because some major changes are on the horizon. Nullsec force projection, invention on steroids, an unshackled skill queue and a whole lot more are headed your way in Phoebe, 2014’s fifth feature release.

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Go behind the scenes at CCP HQ in Iceland for a sneak peek at the Phoebe release.

Force Projection

New Era for Nullsec

A revolution in strategic ship movement, improvements for heavy interdictors and structure fortification changes evolve the nature of nullsec warfare. Borders are shifting and conflicts are erupting as the great empires of EVE rush to adapt. It’s time for your corp’s strategists and logistic masterminds to shine, as the new world order will provide new opportunities for those bold enough to seize them.

Force projection

The new rules of jump travel change how large fleets mobilize.


Unlimited Skill Queue

The 24-hour cap has been lifted. Load up your queue with a week, a month or even a year of skills to automatically train.


Stack your queue as high as you want.


Create it – Bigger, Better, Faster

You want a competitive edge in manufacturing. You want to be one step ahead of the market. Invention is where it's at, and its latest iteration is an evolution of the system.

  • Consolidated skills
  • Dynamic, interactive interface
  • Reverse Engineering merged with Invention
  • Industry UI improvements
  • Clearer, more intuitive progression

All eyes on Industry UI: Interactive, Intuitive, Informative.

Multiple market sell orders

You can now also create multiple market sell orders, reducing clicks and giving you the power to list your goods faster than before.

With a few clicks you can sell multiple items at once.


It pays to discover

There is even more for you to explore, with new challenges, greater threats and higher rewards.

  • Better career agents
  • Updated escalation sites
  • Environmental dangers
  • Improved reward scaling

More hidden sites to scan, discover and explore.


Information Flows around You

Spend more time being where you need to be and doing what you want to do thanks Phoebe’s gameplay features designed to keep you informed and up-to-date.

Pop-Up Notification System

Oceanus’ opt-in notification system goes public in Phoebe, option-filled and fully configurable.

Notification system

Pop up messages instantly alert you to important changes.

Sensor Overlay 2.0

Scan and display bookmarks, missions and other locations relevant to your day-to-day play. Color-coded markers and display filtering makes it easy for you to quickly spot the marker you are looking for.


New object and objective markers help guide the way.


New Ways to Dazzle and Destroy

We’ve gone under the hood of a few ships to bring you the latest type-specific cloaking effects and a rebalance of stealth bombers.


Cloaking: A new look to going unseen in Phoebe.

Little Things

They’re Bigger than You Think

The “Little Things” are important. They make life easier and the game more enjoyable, and they’ve become a big part of our updates. Phoebe is no exception.

  • New armor/hull repairer icons
  • Scanner window separation
  • Brighter nebulae
  • New structure sounds
  • XML API updates
  • Cynosural Field Generator Icons

…and much, much more.

See the patch notes on 4 November for the full list of new features, updates and additions in Phoebe.

Trial Account Upgrades - Several ship restrictions have been lifted, including battleships.

Improved Mission Guidance – Your missions are now more direct, more concise and easier to read. Looking to refresh your memory? Press F12 in-game to revisit the tutorial missions.

Enhanced nebulae graphics create striking spacescapes.


The Phoebe Theme Song

Phoebe's song is here, and it's a far cry from Smelly Cat. Click and enjoy.



Coming to EVE Online in the Phoebe release on November 4th

I’m very excited to present the features coming to EVE Online in the Phoebe release on November 4th. And this is not even everything, we have a few more things that are likely to make it in, and I’ll bring you an update when we get even closer to the release. For even more details on these changes, and a look at what is ahead for December and beyond, tune in to the EVE Keynote at EVE Vegas where ...