Test servers

By CCP Habakuk

Public test server: Singularity

The public test server, Singularity (or Sisi), is open to all players. Its purpose is to try out new features - normally the next major patch for Tranquility will be tested on this server. Character information is replicated (=mirrored) to the Singularity server every few months, but keep in mind that if your account got created after the last replication, you will not be able to access the server.

Gameplay mechanics and playing environments may be quite different from what you're used to on Tranquility. Here, the world is constantly changing.

Details and instructions for accessing Singularity can be found on the Singularity page.

Former semi-public test server: Duality

Duality was a semi-public test server for EVE Online. Duality has been retired as public test server, as it was no longer needed (and the server resources were not sufficient for mass test). 

Event server: Thunderdome

Thunderdome is an event server operated by our Community team and not by QA. It is sometimes being used for tournaments.

Test server rules

  • Please read the test server rules before logging to any (semi-)public test server. 
  • GM support is not available on any test server. Enter at your own risk!

Non-public test servers

CCP operates several other test server beside Singularity and Duality, but these additional test server are not accessible by the public. Most of them are for developing and testing new features, while other servers run older versions of EVE and are used for reference (for example to verify when specific bug was introduced).

Well-known non-public test servers:

  • Multiplicity is normally used for hotfix testing and usually runs the TQ code. In the past it was sometimes used for public tests, but this is no longer needed.
  • Buckingham was used as the primary public test-server for EVE while DUST 514 was in closed beta test on Singularity. It is now again a closed test server.
  • Chaos is the primary development test-server and nearly all new features are tested first on this server. Chaos was a public test-server many years ago.