Parental Consent Form

CCP has provided this Parental Consent Form as a way for parents or legal guardians to give consent for a child/minor to subscribe to and play EVE Online. Minor status is based upon the laws of the country in which the child/minor resided at the time the registration was submitted. We reserve the right to terminate a child/minor’s user status if we do not receive the completed Parental Consent form within 30 days of registration. Please follow the return instructions below. A Privacy Policy has been posted for users to review. Thank you for your cooperation in supporting our committment to provide the best service possible for all our subscribers.

If you object to your child/minor’s subscription to CCP Games online services, you may terminate your child/minor’s user status at any time by contacting us at

By signing and submitting this Parental Consent form to CCP Games, I am allowing my child to register as a user of CCP Games. I certify that I am not a minor under the laws of my country and am the parent or legal guardian of the child/minor who is subscribing to the website and EVE Online game service.

Name of Minor/Child Member

CCP Games User-ID

Print Parent/Guardian Name

Parent/Guardian Signature




  • Be sure you have read all of the information above.
  • Submit your consent by printing out this form and filling in all the blanks above and then mailing or faxing the completed form to:
CCP hf.
Grandagarði 8
101 Reykjavik
Fax: (+354) 540-9198