Embrace the New Age

Rhea: The biggest EVE Online release of the year is here, with new ships, new challenges, improved visuals, and more than 100 new systems to explore. Uncover the forces changing the universe into something not just different, but greater than it has ever been. Welcome to a new age of EVE Online.

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See what's coming to EVE Online in Rhea, the largest content release of 2014.


New Frontiers


Fruits of a Galaxy Torn Asunder

More than 100 new wormhole systems have been revealed in the wake of mysterious events in New Eden. Among the shattered remnants of heavenly bodies and celestial debris are pieces of a curious puzzle. Twenty-five of these wormholes have been identified as small-ship systems, allowing nothing larger than frigates and destroyers to pass through.

A Massive New Star System

The most curious of the recently discovered wormholes is Thera, a system unlike any other in the EVE universe. It is a shattered wormhole system, but is also home to four fully-equipped stations, each operated by The Sanctuary. It contains a staggering number of wormholes and measures over 340 AU end-to-end, making it the largest system known to date.

Learn more about Thera and the Shattered Wormholes

Force projection

Enter the breach, and unlock the secrets within.

Force projection

Discover the Thera system, complete with Sanctuary stations and unique wormhole hub.


New Ships

Bigger, better, bolder

Next Year's Models

Amarr Confessor Tech 3 Tactical Destroyer stats

The tactical destroyers bring a new twist to the class, introducing the ability to shift between defensive, speed and sniper modes that confer different sets of bonuses. The Amarr Confessor is the first in a series, with Caldari, Gallente, and Minmatar versions on the horizon.

ORE Bowhead Freighter stats

The latest baleen-dubbed behemoth from the ORE shipyards, the Bowhead has a 1,300,000m3 ship maintenance array, making this massive tug perfect for hauling fitted ships in high-sec.

Redesigned T2 Variants

Efforts to bestow distinct, bold looks upon the T2 variants continue with these two Caldari favorites.

  • Caldari Onyx
  • Caldari Eagle

Reimagined Classics

Given the chance, the art team loves to make everything look a little better. Here are the fruits of their latest round of labor.

  • Caldari Rook
  • Caldari Falcon
  • Caldari Blackbird
  • Gallente Incursus


More to explore

Dare to discover

Their Private Stash

Cloaking systems of the sleeper cache sites have begun malfunctioning, divulging the locations of some of lucrative caches in the sleeper inventory. Bring your relic analyzers and your sharpest wits because hacking and archaeology expertise will only get you so far. Sentries, environmental damage and other traps lay in wait for careless explorers.

Polarized Weapon Modules

Augmented? Modified? Amazingly dangerous? Hidden away among the Sleepers’ treasures are polarized weapon modules, offering some superior stats for those willing to make some sacrifices.

  • +20% Rate of Fire
  • +15% Tracking Speed
  • -20% Range and Falloff
  • All your resistances are set to 0

You read that right, and you can read even more in CCP SoniClover’s devblog on Sleeper Cache Sites and Polarized Weapons.


Scan down high-end exploration sites and raid them for their coveted sleeper caches.


Harness lethal power with polarized weapons.


Smarter enemies

Fear the sleeper

Sleeper scout drones have left the confines of the wormholes and appear to be seeking something among the systems of known space. Far more intelligent than the common drone, these scouts are skilled explorers, and pilots are advised to think twice before approaching.


Stunning visuals


Immerse yourself in an even more beautifully rendered universe than ever before.

Physically Based Rendering (PBR)

Light now reflects off of ship surfaces more realistically. CCP Mankiller details the magic behind this cutting edge new tech in a DEV blog coming out soon.

Star Map update

Overhauled with improved readability and better usability. This is an opt-in feature currently in development. More information on this feature and where you can submit your feedback in an upcoming DEV blog.

See the latest in the incredible rendering of your sci-fi universe.


Opt-in to see an overhauled Star Map.


Bold changes


EVE Online is always on the cutting edge of technology, graphics and gameplay. We do this by constantly revisiting systems to ensure no aspect of game mechanics or user experience is left behind.

The End of Clone Upgrades

Clone upgrade cost and skill point loss when podded (except when losing a Strategic Cruiser) have been removed. New players no longer have that awkward surprise awaiting them the first time they're podded without an updated clone, and veteran players have the high overhead of clone replacement removed from the equation when deciding to get into a scrap or undock for a risky run.

UI of the Future

Modernization of the functionality, look and feel of EVE Online’s interface. We've designed more recognizable icons, improved panel transparency, and given it a style more fitting of the epic science fiction universe it is a window to.

  • The Name Purge – Old trial accounts that never became subscribers will be assigned generic character names, freeing up countless names for new players
  • Keyboard Ship Controls – WASD? Why not? (Opt-in feature)
  • Kill Report Notifications – More features added to the recently introduced Notification System

The EVE UI - You've come a long way, baby!


Intuitive new icons to help you find what you need faster.




Pirate Faction Jackets

  • Guristas
  • Blood Raiders
  • Sansha's Nation

Dreadnought Skins

  • Justice Naglfar
  • Sarum Revelation
  • Interbus Moros
  • Wiyrkomi Phoenix
New ship skin coming in Rhea

Justice Naglfar

New ship skin coming in Rhea

Wiyrkomi Phoenix

New ship skin coming in Rhea

Sarum Revelation

New ship skin coming in Rhea

Interbus Moros




Rhea is the largest (and the last) of the Titan Cycle releases, bringing the storyline, gameplay and major facets of your game experience another leap forward.

  • Corporation-to-player invites
  • Updates to the CREST API for third-party developers
  • Hit point info for drones in bays
  • Hacking improvements

…and much, much more.

See the patch notes for the full list of new features, updates and additions in Rhea.



The Rhea Theme Song

A song for each release is a wonderful thing. Even more wonderful is that they're all available at https://soundcloud.com/ccpgames, along with other popular songs from the past. Enjoy!




Coming to EVE Online in the Rhea release on December 9th

It seems strange to think we owe the discovery of this system to the capsuleers. Taya admitted as much to me at risk of her vocation, perhaps her life. I don't think we can ignore the role they played. Everything we do here goes back to them one way or the other.