Two Provists slain in Okagaiken

By CCP Eterne

Okagaiken - Uehuma Inikas and Arano Kokkara, two Provist commanders, were killed by capsuleer forces in the Okaigaiken system. The two were spotted piloting a Phoenix-class dreadnaught and a Chimera-class carrier shortly after 18:00. A force of over 500 capsuleers converged on the system shortly after. In an hour of intense fighting, which saw many capsuleer groups turning on each other seemingly for the bounty rewards, the two were finally slain by their attackers. Additionally, four Raven Navy Issues were destroyed in the fighting.

With the losses, that brings four of the sixteen wanted mutineers to justice. The Caldari Navy was issued a statement thanking the capsuleers for their swift action, but urging them to "work together, not against each other" in the future. They emphasized "this is a manhunt to bring peace and justice to the cluster. The bounties are for services rendered, but violence over the final goal is counterproductive."

According to tallies, the final blow on Kokkara's Phoenix was recorded by Ikatara, while top damage was taken by ZehNarume, and the capsule was destroyed by Letmethinkaboutit. The top battleship damage went to iskmagnet, BobMcFing was top battlecruiser, top cruiser was Reverend Mitterak, top destroyer was Syl Kougai, and top frigate to Lejandra Sikestor. The final blow on Inikas's Chimera was Numator, top damage was DarklordKarn, and the capsule was destroyed by Lucas Raholan. 00tricky was the most damaging battleship, Riddik's was most damaging cruiser, Thomas Kaleto claimed top damage in a destroyer, and Xezox was most damaging frigate. No battlecruiser participated in the kill on the Chimera; navy officials have indicated they will transfer this bounty to Saara Humo for the top damaging battlecruiser.