The Scope News in Brief YC122-03-19

By Lina Ambre

President Jacus Roden Sets March 28th Date for "Normalization of Gallente Federation Politics and Society"

Luminaire, Essence – Responding to growing public and political pressure, President Jacus Roden has announced that he intends all branches of the Federal Administration to work towards "the normalization of Gallente Federation politics and society by March 28th." The President outlined his instruction that staged easing of the Federal State of Emergency should complete on the specified date, as well as his request to the Federal Elections Commission to be in a position to announce on that day the date of the Federal Presidential and Senate Elections.

The Federal Senate has been requested by President Roden to prepare proposals for the establishment of an Independent Commission of Investigation into the Election Attacks. The Federal Security Council has been directed to reduce all restrictive measures to the necessary minimum and terminate them entirely on March 28th. The Federal Intelligence Office has been tasked to work on evidence-gathering at the express direction of the Senate Security Intelligence Committee.

While protests against emergency provisions that are increasingly seen as unnecessary have continued, a number of civil society organizations have expressed satisfaction at the President's commitment to normalize Federation political and social freedoms by the end of the month. Planetary authorities across the Gallente Federation are calling on protestors to cease actions such as blockades and occupations, while congratulating their citizens for reasserting their freedoms.

Inner Circle Recalls All Empire Delegates to Yulai for Renewed Negotiations as Conflict Monitors Warn of "Catastrophic Scenario" on Floseswin IV

Yulai, Genesis – The CONCORD Inner Circle has urgently recalled all Empire Delegates to Yulai for renewed negotiations over the crisis over the administration of militia warzones. CONCORD conflict monitor warnings of a potentially "catastropic scenario" unfolding on Floseswin IV have put new urgency into the call for resumption of negotiations.

The Inner Circle's CONCORD delegates aim at steering the "Big 4" empires towards a new settlement reconciling the Yulai Accords and Convention with the Emergency Militia War Powers Act of YC110. The previous rounds of negotiation have always foundered on deep disagreements between the Amarr Empire and the united front of the Gallente Federation and Minmatar Republic as to the legal status and scope of Federation/Republic trade sanctions against the Empire. The Caldari State has generally adopted a flexible attitude but has maintained its support for the basic Amarr argument that any renegotiation of the Yulai Accords and Convention should include the sanctions issue.

A series of planetary conflicts involving apparent acts of aggression by each of the "Big 4" over the last year or so have highlighted the unworkability of the confused legal situation going forward. While the Caldari State and Gallente Federation have variously drawn back from the relatively minor incursions perpetrated by forces loyal to their empires, the conflict between the Amarr Empire and Minmatar Republic has erupted from bitter border fighting to a situation perilously close to open war beyond the militia conflict zones. In particular, the fighting since the House Sarum invasion of Floseswin IV has brought the sides to the brink of mutual annihilation on the planetary surface.

The Inner Circle will embark on a high-intensity summit meeting in a last ditch effort to hammer out a compromise over the next few days.

Cardinal Duke Alar Chakaid Openly Threatens to "Unleash Ninety-Three Thousand Black Daggers Across Rebel Provinces" in Campaign of Terror

Floseswin, Metropolis – The notorious Khanid warlord and religious leader Cardinal Duke Alar Chakaid has broadcast messages across Floseswin IV threatening a campaign of terror across the Minmatar Republic. In the broadcasts, Chakaid promises to "unleash ninety-three thousand Black Daggers across the Rebel Provinces where they shall surely seek the dark hearts of the Minmatar blood beasts." The references to "Black Daggers" and "Rebel Provinces" denote Amarr ceremonial weapons and the Minmatar Republic respectively. Students of Amarr sacred mythology suggest the number ninety-three thousand to have some special significance within Khanid cult practices, though this is unclear.

Chakaid's broadcasts from his base in the occupied city of Jolan Kraal have been a notable element of Amarr propaganda on Floseswin IV since his arrival on the planet. The Chakaid propaganda is particularly detested by Minmatar fighters for its religious and ecstatic nature. The Cardinal Duke's unwavering habit of opening and closing his broadcasts with devotional chants and ululations of exhortation is reportedly also disliked by several Amarr field commanders.

On condition of anonymity, one source at the Amarr Imperial Court spoke to the Scope about this extraordinary development: "While many nobles consider the Cardinal Duke of Fabai 'out of control', as the direct vassal of King Khanid and a Theology Council Cardinal, Chakaid is undoubtedly considered one of the most dangerous men in the Amarr Empire. Even so, many are asking themselves how he can keep getting away with his outrages. It is whispered that Privy Council measures have been taken to limit his scope but, in the context of what is increasingly seen as a holy war, this latest action does no more than skirt the limits of the law."

In Other News

  • Mordu's Legion Planning Space Combat Exercises Across Lowsec Regions as Concerns Grow Over Maintaining Military Capability Against Triglavians
  • Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh Reportedly "Apoplectic" at Hearing News of Khanid Terror Threats Against Minmatar Republic During CONCORD Press Briefing
  • Angel Cartel Suffers Serious Blow in Molden Heath as Raids Carried Out by Seykal Expeditionary Force and Krusual Covert Operators Under RSS Mandate
  • Minmatar Tribal Council Meets to Consider "Sanmatar's Circle for Security Co-operation" Proposal; Matar Planetary Security Warns of Threat from Amarr Agents
  • PKN Interstellar Commissions Quafe to Research "Entertainment Refreshment Potential of Subcranial Nanocontrollers Meshing With Soft Drink Delivery Systems"


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