The Scope News in Brief YC122-03-16

By Lina Ambre

Protests Outside New Riennes FIO Building Flare into Violence as State of Emergency Comes Under Continuing Fire

New Riennes, Mies IV – A seventh day of protests outside the New Riennes FIO Building turned violent this morning, with several injured as growing crowds reacted to the attempts of FIO security guards to clear a path for a vehicle convoy.

Chaotic scenes ensued outside New Riennes FIO as a crowd of several thousand surged around the front and sides of the building, blocking the path of road vehicles. The FIO's uniformed security guards attempted to clear the crowds from a side entrance as an incoming convoy approached but tempers flared into a series of running battles between protestors, security guards and New Riennes city police. A number of people were hospitalized but no serious injuries have been reported.

The latest incident comes as political and civil pressure builds up for President Jacus Roden to end the Federal State of Emergency and establish an independent commission of investigation into the election terror attacks.

Lord Arrach Sarum Declares Floseswin IV "Land of Devotion or Damnation"; Escalates Planetary Conflict to Total War

Sarum Prime, Domain – Royal Heir Arrach Sarum has issued a declaration in religious terms that amounts to a formal escalation of the Floseswin IV conflict to a state of total war.

"As Royal Heir and Sword Marshal of House Sarum, I declare that Floseswin IV is a land of blazing devotion and blackest damnation, where only martyrs or apostates can possibly remain. The Holy Light of Amarr spread itself over that world, in generosity and charity, and even still apostasy reared its head. Floseswin IV is a world now where only holy swords and divine flames can answer the evil shadows lingering there. Martyrdom in this blessed struggle brings life eternal and glorious to the faithful. Persistence in sin and blasphemy shall bring only the final death."

The Scope's correspondents in the Amarr Empire and at the CONCORD Assembly in Yulai understand that the speech amounts to designating the entire planet of Floseswin IV a warzone in which all present are formally considered combatants under Amarr laws of war. While such a declaration would previously have been the exclusive preserve of the Imperial Throne, the ancient office of Sword Marshal, now revived by Empress Catiz I, retains the religious privilege to make such rulings.

Valklear General Kanth Filmir, commanding Minmatar forces on Floseswin IV, expressed contempt for Lord Sarum's declaration. "This has always been a total war for us. It was a total war the day the cursed Amarr arrived in Pator. It will be a total war until the day the last brother or sister is returned to us. Everything else the slavers say is their usual brand of hypocrisy and self-deception in service of vast evil. Needless to say, the liberation of Floseswin IV continues."

Matar Planetary Security and Republic Security Services Back Tribal Proposals for "Sanmatar's Circle for Security Co-ordination"

Matar, Pator System – Proposals for a "Sanmatar's Circle for Security Co-ordination", laid before the Tribal Council by the Brutor, Krusual and Starkmanir Tribal Chiefs yesterday, have received the backing of Khumatar Allek Berialsh of Matar Planetary Security and Chief Director Kril Efrit of Republic Security Services. In a joint statement, Khumatar Berialsh and Chief Director Efrit lauded "these commendable proposals by the chiefs of several of our great tribes and we feel sure the other chiefs will recognise the sagacity of the idea, joining all the Seven Tribes in pursuit of public safety and tribal security."

Recent developments in the militia conflict in Metropolis region, increased Angel Cartel activity and "violent outback guerilla campaigns against Matari security forces" have reportedly cemented thinking in Republic security circles along hardline proposals evocative of "Rebellion Era necessities." Tensions between a number of tribes with counter-posed views on Minmatar security and survival have been rising since the Mikramurka Coast attacks by the Blood Raider Covenant.

So far, comment on the new proposals has not been forthcoming from the chiefs of the Nefantar, Sebiestor, Thukker or Vherokior Tribes.

In Other News

  • Federal Stock Exchange Trading Limits Eased After Senate Commerce Committee Reports "Financial Market Risks Reduced"
  • Bizarre Rumors of "Giant Black Hounds" Attacking Troops Close to Occupied City of Jolan Kraal Sweep Republic Command Southern Army Group
  • Caldari State Reimposes Full Customs Regime on Trade with Gallente Federation as "Immediate Need for Support Expires"
  • Triglavian Invasion Forces Continue to "Probe, Raid and Seize Colonial and Orbital Assets and Populations"; AEGIS Deploys More Troops to Invasion Zones


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