The Scope News in Brief YC122-03-08

By Lina Ambre

Senators Privately Call on President Roden to Establish Commission into Security Failures; Protests at Security Council and FIO Measures Grow

Villore, Essence – A number of Federal Senators have privately called on President Jacus Roden to establish a commission of investigation into the security failures leading up to the election terror attacks, the Scope has learned. Protests are also growing over the continuing imposition of certain restrictions on freedoms during the ongoing Federal State of Emergency.

While President Roden has so far publicly resisted the immediate establishment of a commission of investigation, the Scope's sources have suggested he has indicated sympathy for the idea in private discussions with a group of senior Federal Senators. The Federal Security Council and the Federal Intelligence Office have both advised that a commission should only convene once the evidence-gathering phase being overseen by the FSC and FIO has concluded.

Public scorn and outright opposition to the FIO's enhance powers of investigation, seizure and arrest are growing daily, however, and the Federal Security Council, more respected and trusted by most citizens than the FIO, is now attracting ever more strident protests. The Scope joins the calls of concerned Federation citizens and experienced Federal Senators for a swift start to an independent investigation into the outrages perpetrated during the election attacks.

Minmatar Tribal Liberation Force Retake Floseswin System Control in Counter-Offensive Against Amarr Militia

Floseswin, Metropolis – Militia fighters of the Tribal Liberation Force have successfully seized control of the Floseswin system following a days-long counter-offensive aimed at reversing the successes of the 24th Imperial Crusade and squeezing off the pipeline of reinforcements and supplies to Amarr forces on the planet of Floseswin IV.

Valklear General Kanth Filmir hailed the recapture of the system as "a victory for the annals of the Minmatar people." The Republic Command's Southern Army Group on Floseswin IV has begun sustained bombardments of Amarr orbital defense positions and reports of guerilla operations behind occupation lines have reached the Scope.

For their part, House Sarum and its allied forces have satisfied themselves with retreating behind the newly-extended field fortifications and shield-generators now covering all occupied cities and major towns in Southern Floseswin IV. The Scope understands that Minmatar intelligence believes the largest cities have been garrisoned with the "most fanatical" Amarr forces newly-arrived on the planet.

The presence of a large number of antimatter reactors sited so as to power the shielded defenses of the Amarr remains a matter of concern for CONCORD conflict monitors. Additionally, an unknown number of Imud Okyanau-class Strategic Stealth Submarines armed with hypersonic antimatter missiles remain hidden in the oceans of Floseswin IV.

In Other News

  • Triglavian Raiding Party Depopulates Colonial Settlement on Esmes III; Report: "Town Stripped of Biological Matter on Molecular Level"
  • Caldari State Requests Mobilization of Reserve Security Corporations to Defend Outlying Colonies from Triglavian Attacks
  • CONCORD Assembly Authorizes Release of New Investment Tranche for Fortifications from New Eden Defense Fund as SCC Reports Increased Revenues
  • RSS Condemns "Outside Agitators with Links to Amarr and Angel Cartel Slaving Rings"; "Attacks on Minmatar Clans on Behalf of Cartel are Terrorism and Treason"
  • Intaki Assembly Assures Concerned Citizens of Safety and Integrity of Medical Support for Victims of Election Terror Attacks
  • Exsanguinated Minmatar Corpses Found in River Flowing North from Amarr Occupation Zone in Southern Floseswin IV; General Filmir Accuses Amarr of "War Crimes"


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