The Scope News in Brief YC122-03-05

By Lina Ambre

President Jacus Roden Addresses Federal Senate; Promises Continuity of Democratic and Constitutional Order

Villore, Essence – President Jacus Roden has promised that continuity of democracy under the Federation Constitution remains his "first priority" in an address to the Federal Senate. Describing the holding of elections as "absolutely essential" and his personal relinquishment of power to the next president as "my greatest desire as a citizen", President Roden expressed his view that a date should be set by the Federal Elections Commission no later than the end of the month.

The Presidential Address ranged across a number of topics connected to the 27th February Attacks and their aftermath. President Roden updated the Senate on the continued progress in restoring system- and planetary-level communications networks to full capacity, following the resumption of parity of communication across the federal networks. The Senate also heard that the Federal Security Council would be lowering the alert status of the Federal military from an effective "war footing" to what the President described as "a more prudent emergency status that will avoid unnecessary risks."

While the President emphasized his "deep yearning to bring the perpetrators of these heinous crimes to justice", he reported that investigative efforts were in a preliminary phase of gathering evidence from a "very large number of affected locations, distributed networks and virtualized datastructs." The Senate also took a vote endorsing the ongoing emergency measures and operations of the Federal Administration.

House Sarum and Allies Land Reinforcements on Southern Floseswin IV as Amarr Militia Maintain System Control

Floseswin, Metropolis – House Sarum has been landing large numbers of reinforcements at the occupied cities and towns its forces control on Floseswin IV, following sustained system control by Amarr militia and the establishment of orbital dominance over Southern Floseswin IV. As well as a considerable number of House Sarum and 24th Imperial Crusade ground forces, the reinforcement groups include troops from a variety of other Amarr military organizations.

In an unmistakable sign of House Sarum's commitment to the struggle for Floseswin IV, Lady Kiyshara Sarum, a member of the Sarum Royal Family, has arrived in command of the 12th Lance of the Sarum House Guards. Lady Kiyshara, a cousin of Empress Jamyl I, is also accompanied by a large contingent of Cult of St. Jamyl Militants. Even more notably, House Ardishapur has also committed a member of its royal line, Lord Ottakar Ardishapur. Forces deployed by House Ardishapur include the 19th Ammatar Consular Brigade and a chapter of the Flagellant Order of St. Arkon.

Other forces include a mixed force of Royal Uhlans, Asbara Cyber Knights and Khanid Zealotic Sikarrs led by the notorious warlord Cardinal Duke Alar Chakaid. A full Commandery of the Order of St. Tetrimon is also present, bringing with it three cohorts of Tetrimonic Kameiras. The markedly religious flavor of many of the military formations reinforcing the House Sarum occupation is considered "an ominous sign" by military historians and analysts specializing in Amarr doctrines of warfare.

CONCORD Conflict Monitors Gain Access to Devastated Coastal Town in Southern Floseswin as Amarr Forces Retake Littoral Zones

Southern Continent, Floseswin IV – Amarr forces under Colonel General Vikhtor Mazari have escorted a CONCORD conflict monitoring team to the destroyed coastal town of Northflow Bay, following the successful retaking of a broad sweep of the littoral zones connecting the three main Amarr occupation zones. The monitoring team has reported a confirmation of the destruction of the town by antimatter device detonating in an airburst over the settlement.

House Sarum forces were able to push back the Republic Command's Southern Army Group as Minmatar positions on the coast became untenable under offshore and orbital bombardment. Establishment of space superiority by 24th Imperial Crusade forces has led Valklear General Kanth Filmir to retrench his lines across terrain the Minmatar can more readily defend. The majority of Minmatar gains made in the recent offensive remain secure as both sides reorient and reinforce.

General Mazari asserted that Northflow Bay's civilian population had "either fled the fighting or been massacred by rebel partisans," at a recorded briefing of the CONCORD monitoring team on site. "Northflow Bay was an entirely military and valid target at the time of its destruction by our strategic submarine forces. We could not allow a vital supply node to remain in enemy hands. The missile strike was legal under interstellar norms but more importantly entirely justified under our own laws of war," General Mazari claimed.

In Other News

  • Intaki Assembly Declares Restoration of Planetary Communications Complete; Cities Remain Quiet as Federal Marines Patrol Streets
  • Growing Calls Across Gallente Federation for Independent Commission of Investigation into Security Failures Leading to Election Attacks
  • PKN Interstellar Adopts Lai Dai Subcranial Nanocontrollers into Technology Licensing Package Aimed at Khanid Kingdom and House Tash-Murkon
  • Sanmatar's Taskforce for Counter-Subversion to be Headed by Chief Director Kril Efrit of RSS Clandestine Activity Division
  • Guristas Pirates Reportedly Hijack Shipment of Archaeological Artefacts from Kirkinen Risk Control in Oijanen System


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