The Scope News in Brief YC122-03-02

By Lina Ambre

State of Emergency Maintained as Gallente Federal Communications Networks "Restored to 97% Capacity"

Luminaire, Essence – President Jacus Roden has reaffirmed that the Federal State of Emergency across the Gallente Federation will be maintained until further notice, despite the news that federal communications networks have been restored to almost full capacity.

As was hoped, the Federal Security Council was able to issue a notice last night declaring "all Federal Communications Networks are open to traffic with the totality of bandwidth restored to 97% capacity as it stood before the attacks against the Gallente Federation, last week."

However, at the executive directive of President Roden, the Federal Security Council has indefinitely extended the Federal State of Emergency. The Federal Senate has formally declared no objection, though it retains the ability to countermand the emergency measures as a matter of the Federation Constitution. The ongoing efforts to re-establish full security across Gallente regions, continued work to restore system and planetary networks, and the intense investigative efforts all contribute to a sense that the Federation remains under serious threat.

Gallente Federal Elections Commission Rules Out Swift Decision on Election Date

Villore, Essence – Following meetings with the Federal Administration, Senate and the Federal Military Commission, the Gallente Federal Elections Commission has ruled out a swift decision on the date of the elections that must be held as soon as possible once the emergency has abated. The Commissioners are "totally committed to holding the necessary and constitutionally mandated elections." However, the Elections Commission believes it cannot set a date until the situation has fully stabilized.

Consideration has also been given to the medical status of a number of leading presidential candidates who were seriously injured in the terror attacks on 27th February. Governor Celes Aguard, Senator Suvio Bellaron and Mayor Shaileen Ramnev are all considered out of danger. Governor Aguard's personality synchronization following body death and recloning is understood to have left her with some experiential time loss. Fellow presidential candidate, Councillor Wayaki Kayara has been assisting in her contempogrok therapy. Senator Bellaron has regained consciousness following successful treament to prevent neurological damage and is recovering well in Intaki system. Mayor Shaileen Ramnev is no longer in critical condition but remains under intensive care.

Amarr Militia Forces Regain Control of Floseswin System; Minmatar Offensive Pauses as Orbital Struggle Ensues

Floseswin, Metropolis – The Amarr 24th Imperial Crusade has regained space superiority and system control in Floseswin, following an offensive evidently aimed at cutting space and orbital support for the Minmatar offensive in the southern continent of Floseswin IV. Heavy fighting over the last weekend saw the Republic Command Southern Army Group's thrusts into Amarr-held territory effectively divide into three broad zones the occupied cities and towns controlled by House Sarum.

The Minmatar offensive does appear to have paused having achieved this strategic objective, following the successful seizure of the system by Amarr militia. A fierce struggle for dominance of the orbital zone over Southern Floseswin IV has begun. Reports of further strategic launches from southern oceanic deeps are unconfirmed. Amarr occupation zones all maintain access to the sea and House Sarum efforts are reportedly focused on regaining land corridors between their zones along a coastline they appear willing to devastate with antimatter weapons.

In Other News

  • Federal Stock Exchange in Luminaire Reopens Under Limited Trading Regulations Activated by Senate Commerce Committee
  • CONCORD Conflict Monitors: "Orbital Surveys of Southern Coastal Port Town on Floseswin IV Confirm Antimatter Warhead Airbust"
  • Caldari State Lowers Alert Status of Caldari Navy and State Peacekeepers; Maintains Low Duties on Supplies to Federation
  • Khanid Lord Alar Chakaid Elevated to Cardinal Rank in Decree Marking Consecration of Grand Basilica of St. Garkeh
  • Khumatar Allek Berialsh Expresses "Grave Concern That Minmatar Republic May Harbor Uncounted Enemies Within"