Sukuuvestaa Awarded Myrskaa Reconstruction Contract After City Is Razed On Schedule

By Alton Haveri

OIJANEN - The Myrskaa Metropolitan Corporation has confirmed this evening that the reconstruction contract for the city of Myrskaa has been awarded to the Sukuuvestaa Corporation, after an intense round of bidding and contract negotiations between the two corporations concluded this afternoon.

The agreement comes after the city, once home to more than thirty six million, was destroyed by a series of twelve successive hydrogen antimatter detonations yesterday, bringing the quarantine cordon that has enveloped the site since mid-February to an end.

The event was watched by billions across the State, and served the dual purpose of clearing the now abandoned site of the city for redevelopment, as well as providing a venue for the testing of a prototype hydrogen warhead design currently in development by the Lai Dai Corporation. Professor Sakkatokka Limsen, project lead for the development team at Lai Dai who designed the new device, has been quoted by the Caldari press as calling the test a "complete success, with significantly more favourable results than were expected." Orbital imagery from the site released to the interstellar press by the State Armed Forces earlier today shows the pulverised remains of the city.

Sukuuvestaa have confirmed in a press release that final clearing and salvage of rubble will begin at the start of June, with the creation of more than fifteen million jobs for the task. It is expected that the salvage value of recyclable materials alone will be in excess of two trillion kredits.

While a date has not been set of the commencement of reconstruction, engineering and economic experts at The Scope are in agreement that the cost of the project could be as high as seven trillion kredits, and could generate more than forty million jobs over the course of the next five to ten years in a region of the State where economic stimulus is sorely needed.

Across the border in the Republic, the derelict Freedom Extension orbital platform that was the site of a Kyonoke outbreak in the Republic has been successfully de-orbited. The platform burned up in the atmosphere of Muttokon II, providing a spectacular midnight light show over the planet's Kis'taak Ocean, close to its southern polar region. A statement from the Republic Fleet confirmed that no debris from the platform reached the planet's surface, and that the operation to destroy it was a full success.

The Scope will continue to report on clean-up operations across the cluster as the story develops.