Senator Suvio Bellaron Proposes Total Ban on Capital Punishment

By Lina Ambre

Villore – Senator Suvio Bellaron of the Intaki system, proposed a new bill in the Gallente Federal Senate, today, aimed at abolishing capital punishment at the Federal level and imposing strict guidelines on methods of capital punishment for member state and constituent polity governments, legislatures and courts.

Senator Bellaron's bill comes in the wake of public outrage over the Jin-Mei nation's use of punitive exile, which critics accused of being little more than a prolonged death sentence. The proposed measure closely resembles another bill the Senator proposed in YC111 after the considerable outcry over the public execution of Anvent Eturrer.

In the Senate session, Senator Bellaron echoed activist sentiments: "As a matter of ugly necessity, we must limit the legal protections of those who break the law – that much is not in contention. I ask instead how many freedoms need we sacrifice on the altar of retribution. Some have decreed no right too sacred." To make his point, the Intaki Senator read the names of children evacuated from Lirsautton VI, who were innocent of the crimes of their parents.

Senator Faron Shu, representing Jin-Mei interests on the planet of Chandeille, accused Senator Bellaron of misrepresenting the situation. "The people sent to the cursed planet were not simple pickpockets. These were murderers. They were saboteurs who had committed treason. They were people too dangerous to remain confined in four walls under guard.

"That these criminals decided to perpetuate the pain they brought upon themselves is unfortunate, but it is no grounds for this trespass on the rights of sovereign governments and legislatures. The truth of the matter is that Bellaron is peddling his Intaki anarcho-pacifist ideology yet again and using the pain of the Jin-Mei people as an excuse to do so!"

Senator Faron Shu's reference to Senator Bellaron by family name alone was a breach of the rules of Senate floor etiquette and the chamber descended into chaos at this point. With the hour late and Senators from all sides refusing to come to order, Head of Senate Aulmont Meis adjourned the session for the day.