Cursed Exiles Hijack Broadcast, Beg Forgiveness

By Lina Ambre

Lirsautton VIA tribe of exiles living on Lirsautton VI broke into a structure in a capsuleer colony and tapped into an FTL relay there in order to broadcast a plea for both forgiveness and help, today. The broadcast lasted approximately five minutes before colony security detained the tribe and escorted them off the premises.

Lirsautton VI, in spite of its benign climate and idyllic landscapes, has not been colonized since its terraforming was completed. After a ship crashed into the first settlement, killing all the inhabitants while they celebrated a Jin-Mei ritual of gate-building at the spaceport, the Sang Do overlords sponsoring the colony abandoned all official attempts to establish a foothold. Deeming Lirsautton VI a "cursed" planet, Sang Do authorities found a new use for the remains of the aborted colonial project. Criminals earning a punishment that strips them of their caste are now deposited in a penal colony planetside. After generations of exiles being left there, and the penal compounds left neglected for decades, tribes have coalesced and roam the surface. Corporations and capsuleers are permitted to build facilities on the condition that they do so far away from exile settlements.

The broadcast opened with the speech of a woman who identified herself as Mao Jin. She apologized to her family for the shame she brought them when she shot her Sang Do wife, who she had caught in bed with her sister. She claimed that she had "truly reformed" herself by following the teachings of Rao Jumen, a prominent Jin-Mei philosopher, over the course of the twenty years she had spent in exile. Jin finished her speech by pleading for any capable power – the Jin-Mei nations, the Federation, or a third party – to rescue her and her companions, claiming that they had contracted an illness while living there that would kill them without medical attention. Mao suggested that many had already died during their journey to the colony, and some had to be left behind as they were too ill to continue moving.

As the residents of the planet maintain their formal Federal citizenship, they are entitled to a basic standard of healthcare under the Gallente Federation constitution. Officials from the Federal Administration declined to comment on the case. However, the Scope has learned that doctors and emergency workers from the Aidonis Foundation have been given permission to establish a camp on the surface.