Senate report: No evidence of widespread discrimination against Minmatar

By CCP Eterne

Villore – A study commissioned by the Senate Committee for Equal Rights has found no evidence for institutional discrimination against those of Minmatar descent. The investigation was conducted following a rising number of claims from Minmatar immigrants that they had faced widespread intolerance in the Federation, particularly in the aftermath of the Broteau Shootings.

“While the committee discovered incidents of discrimination against individuals of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, including those of Minmatar descent, these cases appeared to be isolated and were swiftly resolved once brought to the attention of authorities,” the report concluded. “Equality and dignity for all races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and philosophies is a core ideal of the Federation. The people of the Federation have not deviated from this ideal.”

While the majority of the Senate have hailed the report as vindicatory, some have criticized it for faulty methodology. “The investigation only looked at those incidents which were reported,” said Asbran Eleskar, a junior Minmatar Senator from Sinq Laison. “Thousands of incidents go unreported every day. If a Minmatar is denied a job over a less qualified Gallente, do they realize this to report it? If a rentor asks a Minmatar for proof of employment, but doesn't for the Intaki, will a complaint be filed? This simplistic study is maybe even more damaging than silence.”

Senator Traude Bonailles, a member of the Equal Rights Committee, dismissed the concerns of Senator Eleskar. “I can assure you the study was comprehensive. We did not simply base our findings on public reports. We were thorough and I am confident in the validity of the study.”