Republic Security Services stand off with Federation Navy over shooter

By CCP Eterne

BeiThe Republic Security Services took a small battleship fleet into Gallente space to demand custody of the shooter who killed 58 and left 304 wounded. After jumping into Colelie from Bei, they had a tense, 30-minute standoff with the Federation Navy before being convinced to stand down by a combination of capsuleers and the DED.

The Republic Security Services fleet, composed primarily of Brutor and Sebiestor tribesmen, jumped into Colelie shortly after 20:00, less than eight hours after the shooting and three after it was confirmed that Karin Midular was among those wounded. They were immediately met by a Federation Navy fleet, which had been tipped off to the possible incursion shortly before. The RSS fleet demanded the Federation Navy stand aside and allow them to proceed further into Federation territory to retrieve the suspect, about whom few details have been released. The Federation Navy refused and ordered the Minmatar back into Republic space, citing their presence as a breach of Federation sovereignty.

The two fleets postured for some time, while capsuleers attempted to calm the situation. Chief among them were pilots Jack Jomar, Grideris, Anslo, and Liuni Kalthis, who all called for the RSS fleet to calm down and return to their space. While others attempted to goad the two fleets into opening fire, they were drowned out by others with more level heads. Both fleets appeared reluctant to actually open fire and ignite hostilities between the two empires. However, neither seemed willing to stand down.

Eventually, DED officer Odo Korachi arrived and demanded both sides stand down and ordered the Minmatar fleet back across the border. At first, the RSS refused this demand as well. However, further diplomacy on behalf of the present capsuleers eventually convinced them to turn around. They retreated to Minmatar space and stood down.

The Minmatar Tribal Council issued a statement apologizing for the “emotionally-charged decision of the Republic Security Services” and thanked the Federation Navy for “not resorting immediately to violence.” However, it also reiterated Republic demands that Karin Midular be given to Republic care and the shooter be turned over to Minmatar authorities for prosecution, stating, “The Federation is unequipped to properly handle a case which means so much to so many of Minmatar heritage.”