Republic and Federation Condemn "Kahah Massacres"; Threaten Sanctions or Worse

By Lina Ambre

Yulai – Tensions escalated between the CONCORD powers yesterday after Republic and Federation delegates threatened the Amarr Empire with sanctions or worse over the crisis in the Kahah system during a special session of the Inner Circle.

Special Representative Keitan Yun and Ambassador Devan Malate, the Republic and Federation delegates to the CONCORD Inner Circle, issued a joint statement condemning the Khanid Kingdom over its handling of the uprisings, and called for a cessation to hostilities in the Kahah system in order to work out a diplomatic solution. The delegates are demanding that Amarr Empire step in to handle the situation in a manner that respects the lives of the rebels, and that their governments are prepared to impose economic sanctions if actions are not taken.

The Republic and Federation delegates also suggested that their governments would consider providing active military support to the rebels "should the Empire fail to rein in its vassal state", a threat criticized by the State and Imperial delegates. The President of the Inner Circle, Seri Okonaya, said that such an action would, "violate the terms of the Yulai Accords and Conventions, not to mention the Emergency Militia War Powers Act." The EMWPA was passed in YC110 and established a state of limited war between the empires, but the act prohibits conflict between national armed forces outside of the specified combat area and is mostly fought through capsuleer proxies.

Special Representative Yun noted that breaches of the Yulai Convention and EMWPA already occur in high security space, claiming CONCORD turns a blind eye to such incidents. Yun also accused the Khanid Kingdom of sponsoring the attack on Rens Brutor Tribe Station 6-8 on October 8th. The station attack, like Kahah, made use of the chemical agent now being identified as "Deathglow". Yun further claimed that "a Khanid Holder currently participating in the Kahah Massacres is a suspect in investigations surrounding the attack on Rens Station 6-8," also noting long-standing "indications" of Khanid-Blood Raider ties.

Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh, Imperial delegate to the Inner Circle, refuted the claims from the Republic and Federation: "The Khanid Kingdom of the Empire is the victim of an attack orchestrated by Blood cultists and its forces are engaged in necessary military action to put down an internal rebellion. Any provocation by external parties can only inflame and prolong the conflict." Marshal xer Qosh also questioned the intentions of the Federation and the Republic, "They are engaged in transparent attempts to escalate tensions and turn public opinion against the Amarr Empire, all the while covertly supplying the rebels with weapons."

CBD CEO Imanima Himpas, the current Caldari delegate, maintained the State's previous stance that the Kahah situation is an internal affair of the Khanid Kingdom. However, she joined the Federation and Republic delegates in calling for a cessation of hostilities as soon as possible. In response, Captain Marshal xer Qosh ceded that if the rebel forces surrendered, they would be offered clemency under guarantee of the Imperial Throne.

While the Caldari delegation was satisfied by this answer, the Republic and Federation suggested no end to the conflict would be possible without negotiations recognising the rights of the rebels. "The rebels will not agree to a ceasefire if the Empire and the Kingdom are just going to send them back to slavery," said Keitan Yun. "They are willing to die for their freedom."

Attempts by both the Amarr Empire and the Minmatar Republic to advance policy resolutions were thwarted by the use of vetoes and all outstanding matters were referred to the full CONCORD Assembly.