President Roden Speaks as Federation Communications Stabilize Following Terror Attacks

By Lina Ambre

Luminaire, Essence – In the aftermath of last night's terror attacks and suspension of Federal elections, President Jacus Roden has addressed the Gallente Federation, vowing to secure democracy and bring to justice the perpetrators. President Roden made his address as Federal communications networks stabilized, although some planetary networks continue to operate under heavy limitations.

President Roden's address outlined the events, his administration's immediate reponse, and what future efforts will be made to resolve the crisis.

"My fellow citizens of the great democratic Gallente Federation. We have been attacked. We have all been attacked in the most infamous act of villainy since the betrayal of the traitor Anvent Eturrer. Grave as his treachery was, it is eclipsed by an attack not simply on the Federation but, crucially, on the foundational principles of this great democracy. Let me be clear. Like the traitor Eturrer, those who perpetrated these vile attacks on our way of life shall be brought to justice swiftly and surely.

"Allow me first, my fellow citizens, to mourn with you for those we have lost, for those injured so gravely, and for all victims and families affected by these outrages. It is my sad duty to report that the confirmed death toll from these evil attacks stands at over 7,000. Tragically it is likely to be even higher in the final accounting. Many tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, have suffered injury.

"The physical attacks on presidential candidates, Federal installations and civilian infrastructure account for the greater number of the immediate casualties. Sadly, such was the scope and effect of the parallel network attacks, it is sure very many will have been injured consequently, and many more will lose their lives. We will mourn in full, as a democracy and a Federation, in due time.

"Now, I wish to update you all on the status of those of our leading democratic presidential candidates who were attacked in the course of last night's events. I am glad to report and confirm that Governor Celes Aguard is alive and recovering in a secure facility. Though she suffered physical death in the bombing at New Riennes, along with so many others, her federally-registered personality backup and clone was successfully restored. The assassins failed here, even as they brutally murdered thousands.

"I can also report that Senator Suvio Bellaron is alive and in stable condition, following transfer by Federal Marines to a secure medical facility in the Intaki system. We hope and trust that he will fully recover. Mayor Shaileen Ramnev's condition remains grave though I am told it has stabilized. I have directed Federal Marines to secure the hospital in Arcurio and their Medical Corps to render all necessary assistance."

"Councillor Wayaki Kayara was slightly injured in a terrorist attempt made on his life, while he visited military veterans on Mannar Seginde. I am told those brave men and women, who have already given so much to our Federation, unhesitatingly fought to protect him. One veteran has been hospitalized but Councillor Kayara is expected to make a full recovery. It would appear that there was no direct attempt made on the lives of Senator Kelen Ontbad, Chief Director Mentas Blaque or General Julianus Soter, though our initial intelligence assessment is that they were all targets.

"If these violent acts of terror and attempted assassinations of presidential candidates were not evidence enough of a monstrous plot to strike deep at the heart of our democracy, which plainly they are, then the attacks on our Federal and planetary communications more than confirm the base intent of these attacks. With deep regret we agree with the Federal Elections Commission's decision to suspend elections until further notice. We are resolved that this suspension shall be short and that the necessary, vital democratic process will work the people's will as soon as possible.

"The Federal Administration, working with all federal agencies, CONCORD agencies, and trusted commercial partners, has restored the core functionality of the Federal FTL communications infrastructure. Even so, much data has been lost and many planetary networks remain unstable or are providing limited service.

"My administration is working tirelessly to restore full communications function at every level of the Federation: regionally, system-wide and on every planet and orbital. I can report that the Federal and civilian FTL connections to Solitude region have been restored after a mercifully brief period of disconnection. Military and security force networks retained basic connectivity. The Federation is grateful to CONCORD for making available SCC and DED bandwidth for Federation government traffic.

"I am also grateful for the measured and generous response to this tragedy, not only from CONCORD, but from our interstellar neighbors: the Minmatar Republic, Caldari State and Amarr Empire. All have assisted in some measure and a greater tragedy may well have been avoided by caution and forebearance. I must express my particular deep gratitude to Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor and the Tribal Council of the Minmatar Republic for their unstinting and valuable support during this crisis. Our alliance, founded on our common belief in the liberty of human beings, remains strong.

"Let me now turn to the future. I wish to reassure you all, simply as a fellow citizen of the Gallente Federation, but yes as the President of our great democracy that the continuity of democratic government is my number one priority. Meeting that priority requires the re-establishment and reinforcement of the security of the Federation and its citizens. It requires that democratic elections be held securely and in full freedom. It requires the peaceful transfer of power to the next duly-elected President of the Gallente Federation.

"I pledge to meet the priority I have laid out in full. My fellow citizens, amidst this scene of tragedy and villainy, take heart. The Federation will endure. The Federation is Liberty; and Liberty can never die."

President Roden's administration has estimated that close to full service on interstellar and system-wide FTL comms networks will be restored over the weekend. Planetary networks and other infrastructure may take more time to restore. It is projected that essential services will be restored early next week in most locations. The Federation Navy and Federal Marines remain on high alert.

In Other News

  • Federal Stock Exchange in Luminaire Remains Closed to Trading Under Directive of Federation Security Council
  • Kimotoro Stock Exchange Experiences Volatility Over Day's Trading but Megacorporation Stocks See Slight Gains
  • Republic Command's Southern Floseswin Army Group Close to "Cutting Land Communications Between Several Amarr-Held Cities"
  • Full CONCORD Assembly Session to Meet Over Weekend as Inner Circle Co-ordinates Escalation Avoidance Efforts Along Recognised Empire Borders
  • General Ceasefire Efforts in Militia War Zones Break Down as Minmatar Republic and Caldari State Reject Proposals for Conflict Freeze
  • Minmatar Republic Asserts its Right Under the Yulai Accords and Emergency Militia War Powers Act to "Liberate Floseswin IV" and Continue Metropolis Campaign
  • Caldari State Maintains Militia Warfare in Caldari-Gallente Conflict Zone Must Continue as a "Legitimate Exercise in Recovery of Corporate Property"
  • Amarr Privy Council Meeting Continues as Political Strains Caused by Efforts to Quell Dissent Among Holders in Sarum and Ardishapur Realms Over Course of War
  • Khanid Kingdom Military and Security Police Forces Carry Out Widespread Sweeps in Aridia and Khanid Regions; Reports of Many Thousands of Arrests
  • BREAKING: Reports of Antimatter Warhead Detonating Over Small Coastal Town on Southern Continent of Floseswin IV Confirmed; Casualties Unknown
  • BREAKING: CONCORD Monitors "Tracked Submarine Launched Hypersonic Missile Flight from Position in South Polar Deeps," Claims Source
  • BREAKING: CONCORD Believes "House Sarum has Several Imud Okyanau-class Strategic Stealth Submarines Hidden on Floseswin IV," Leak Indicates
  • BREAKING: Source "Urged CONCORD Monitors to Share Intelligence with Minmatar Republic"; CONCORD Mission Maintained Neutrality Under Yulai Accords