Federal Elections Suspended After Presidential Candidates Attacked and Federal Networks Collapse

By Lina Ambre

BREAKING: Luminaire, Essence – The Gallente Federal Elections Commission has formally suspended the Presidential Election following multiple terrorist attacks on presidential candidates and federal communications networks. The suspension also applies to all other federal elections scheduled to be held over the 28th and 29th of February.

While the Friday and Saturday elections would have been dominated by the Gallente Presidential Election, they also included the fifth of the Federal Senate seats up for election in this year's cycle. The suspension is until further notice. The Federal Elections Commission has not considered a rescheduled date for the elections, as the situation in the Gallente Federation continues to develop.

President Jacus Roden has broadcast a brief message to the Federation assuring all citizens that: "The security of the Federation and its citizens, the continuity of democratic government, and a peaceful transfer of power to the next duly-elected President of the Gallente Federation are the first and last priorities of my administration."

President Roden is personally co-ordinating the Federal Administration's response to the attacks and crisis through the Federal Security Council and Federal Military Commission. A full broadcast to the Federation will be made when sufficient bandwidth is available.

Communications disruptions are ongoing across the Gallente Federation's networks with some service slowly resuming as Federal and CONCORD agencies organize countermeasures, secure routers, and establish provisional relays. Federal networks remain congested and intermittently subject to collapse due to ongoing information warfare network agent intrusions, attacks on physical infrastructure and elevated communications traffic due to the emergency.


  • Celes Aguard Survives Assassination via Backup Clone; Governor Aguard Recovering in Secure Location; Experiential Time Loss Unknown
  • Shaileen Ramnev in Critical Condition in Arcurio City General Hospital; Ramnev's Aircraft Made a "Hard Landing with Cabin Intact"
  • Suvio Bellaron Placed in Medical Coma to Reduce Risk of Neurological Damage Following Apparent Exposure to Chemical Warfare Agent
  • Wayaki Kayara "Slightly Injured" in Foiled Attack at Mannar Veterans Association on Mannar Seginde; One Veteran Hospitalized; Terrorists Dead 
  • Republic Command Offensive on Floseswin IV Continues; House Sarum Unconditional Ceasefire Offer Apparently Ignored
  • All Core Empire Fleets Adopt Cautious Defensive Posture Along All Borders After Inner Circle Delegates Agree Mutual Defensive Alert Protocol
  • Amarr Privy Council Orders all Imperial Subjects to "Refrain from Baseless Speculation on Events in Gallente Federation on Pain of Enslavement"
  • Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor Directs "All Possible Aid from Republic Agencies to the Federation"; Orders "Any Request from Gallente Federation Has Priority"