New Eden Radio Announce Betting Pool for Alliance Tournament X

By CCP Phantom


by ISD Ashen Talinthe

New Eden Radio are hosting a betting pool for Alliance Tournament X. Capsuleers will be able to enter for a fee of 50 million ISK and will be able to place bets on up to 8 of their favourite alliances competing in the tournament.

Winners will be determined by points. As their chosen alliances advance in the tournament, they will be awarded a certain number of points based on their chosen alliances placements. Prizes so far are in excess of 2.6 billion isk and this number will increase as bets are placed. On offer as well, is 3 Plex for first place, 2 for second, and 1 for third.

Response from the community at large has so far been generally optimistic. We spoke to a group of capsuleers in Jita that thought the betting pool was a good thing as long as it was fair and regulated. One capsuleer in Jita told us that although "there are already tons of places to bet money" capsuleers can be confident in knowing New Eden Radio's will be "kept fair".

New Eden Radio has hosted several lotteries and raffles in the past including the New Years fireworks show where over 4 billion ISK worth of tickets were sold. According to Daggaroth, from New Eden Radio, this is the first actual betting pool they have hosted and revealed that there may be more to come: "If we get a lot of good feedback... we will most certainly continue betting pools for the future."

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